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Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence

Data protection at user level

See the documentation for your Release

Known Issue: Long running upgrade / Plugin activation

Although we improved the performance, updating to version 1.3 or activating the plugin may take some time to synchronize with the internal Confluence groups, if you have a lot of extranet spaces, users or groups.

(warning) This can be fastened up for future updates if you uncheck the Synchronize users and group memberships on plugin updates or reactivation option.

Reindex Users

For the search for mail adress to work, a reindex of users is nessessary. This is done on plugin installation, if you haven't disabled Activation Tasks, otherwise you can re-build the whole search index manually

Release 2.0

Presenting a bunch of new functionalities for extranet admins

Release Notes


  • Switch to single permissions, if your user directory doesn't allow creating groups
  • Reset extranet spaces to standard Confluence spaces
  • Define groups of internal users, who are allowed to see each other, no matter if they are sharing an extranet space or not
  • Allow external users to become an Extranet User Manager, so they are able to administer their own extranet space, without any security concerns
  • Choose the welcome mail's language
  • Confluence 6.7 compatibility


  • Configuration check after installing, if your user directory allows creating groups
  • Managed Groups are created for active extranet roles only
  • Filter for extranet spaces within the space directory
  • Better Microblogging for Confluence compatibility: Just mention users who have access to the selected topic (requires Microblog version 3.4)
  • Welcome Mail contains information about the user, who assigned the new extranet user


  • Space Privacy takes care of given space key parameter in the LiveSearch macro
  • Problems with Max. Result Filter module
  • Only likes of visible user are shown to another user
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