If an Error occurs in our Jira-Plugins, you can send us Log files from the System. This helps us to solve the Error faster. This How To describes the steps to create the required log files. Therefore you need the Jira System Administrators Permission.

Step 1 - Enable the Logging

  • Open the Jira Administration and go to the Logging & Profiling settings.
  • Scroll down to the Section "Default Loggers" and click "configure".

  • A dialog opens where you must enter the package name. The package names for our plugins are listed in the next section. Be sure to set the Logging Level to "DEBUG".

Package names 

Agile Hive


ICS - Issue Calendar Sync


Knowledge Base Custom Field 


Project Role Inspector




Collective Issue View for ServiceDesk


Publish Issuesnet.seibertmedia.Jira.plugins.pi
Custom Epic Panel


Step 2 - Reproduce the Error

Redo the Steps with the Plugin which occur to your described behavior. 

Step 3 - Location of Logfiles

The Error should now recorded in the  "atlassian-jira.log". The logfile is stored in the file system of the server. To get the complete path:

Open the Jira Administration go to System/System info.

    • Scroll down to the section "File Paths". Here you find the Location of atlassian-jira.log.  

Now you can send us the log files.

Don't forget to disable the DEBUG logging for the Plugin. To disable the Logging follow the description in step 1, but instead to configure a logger, search the created logger (package name) in the table and choose the option "WARN".

This content was last updated on 12/06/2021.

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