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Security settings

You can activate extended security measures for Linchpin Mobile. If activated, the app login will be secured either by a 4-digit PIN, the fingerprint sensor or face detection.

To enable extended security measures, activate the Enable extended app security features (force PIN / fingerprint sensor / face detection to unlock app) button.

Security PIN

One of the security features is the security PIN.

Users need to enter a 4-digit PIN in order to login to the app or unlock the app.

After this function has been activated, the app will ask you to configure a 4-digit PIN code.

View the full documentation on the PIN security mechanism.

Face or fingerprint recognition

Another security features are face recognition and fingerprint recognition.

If you activate this option, the app will ask for your Face ID/your fingerprint when you come back to Linchpin after the phone was locked.

To enable these features, click on the More button within Linchpin Mobile.

Then, click on the Settings button and then the Security settings button.

Finally, activate the Enable face / fingerprint recognition slider.

Setup face recognition or the fingerprint sensor in your iPhone settings.

Restart Linchpin Mobile.

On new start, Linchpin Mobile will ask for permission to use the Face ID/the fingerprint sensor.

Click on the OK button to give Linchpin Mobile the needed permission.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.