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Find a list of scheduled jobs under Confluence Administration → Scheduled Jobs. Alternatively, add this code to your URL: (/admin/scheduledjobs/viewscheduledjobs.action).

Space Privacy and scheduled jobs

Space Privacy uses two scheduled jobs to synchronize users and groups - Index missing LDAP users and Sync Groups and Members.

To enable these jobs, use a cron expression to set the interval during which the jobs should run.

Both jobs are disabled by default (starting date lies far in the future). Both jobs can cause load on your system. Enable them only if you are sure that you need them!

Index missing LDAP users

This scheduled job incrementally indexes users (up to 1000 each run). This might be necessary for very large instances (over 50.000 users).

Enable this job if you experience missing users in user auto completes for Extranet management.

We recommend to set the interval to every hour at most to prevent too much load on the system.

Sync Groups and Members


This job is a workaround to support nested groups. It ensures that changes of group memberships will be noticed by the Space Privacy data model. This way, nested group memberships can stay up-to-date.

Enable this job only if you have a user directory where nested groups are enabled.

We recommend to set the interval to every 3 hours at most or to trigger this job only manually to prevent too much load on the system.

This page was last edited on 11/04/2022.