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We are still working on adding more features to Linchpin Cloud. Here are some of our backlog items which we plan to implement in the future.
All we need right now is your feedback (and some time).
Please let us know what kind of features are important for you - wether you are a customer, partner or user.
Take a look at our Canny-Board to vote on existing ideas or add new entries.

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Bring people together
Provide relevant content
Easy to use and administer

Latest features

Coming soon

Coming later

Login with Apple
You are now able to use your Apple ID for signing up.
Login with Email & password
You don’t need a Gmail Account or Apple ID for using Linchpin Cloud. Create an account with your Email and set a password.
Confluence Cloud App
Show content from Linchpin Cloud in Confluence Cloud.

Comments on news posts
Start communicating with your colleagues and comment on news posts.
Create communities to come together with your colleagues and talk about interesting topics.
Show your colleagues who you are.

You need some help? Find an expert.

More ideas

Once you open the dashboard, you'll see different kinds of information for your workday:

Get an overview of todays birthdays and anniversaries
See your top news
Take a look at today's menu at the cantine
Get an overview of your meetings and company events
Communicate with your colleagues using Community posts and stories
News Magazine
Share your company news through the News Magazine with your colleagues. Follow interesting topics and get notified if new content is available.

It's really easy to share news with the right people - based on the profile information, people get to see the information which is relevant for them. So you'll never miss what's important for you and you're not overwhelmed by unnecessary information.

Pin articles you want to read later or check up trending news - we have a lot of ideas which provide you more features for your news management.
People and Skills
Take a look at the People Directory. Here you'll find people from your network (which means you are part of the same team, read most of their news articles, share company events or other reasons why those people should be part of your network).

Share information about your skills and skill levels, see what kind of experts are located in different teams and get an overview of the groups of people who you are working with.

Every group of people (e.g. Team Marketing) is connected to a team homepage (showing their skills and other basic information), a community and a story channel. So it's easy to start collaborating and communicating once your team is set up. No need for extra configuration steps.
Stay up to date
There's always a lot going on in a company. So we want to give you the information which is relevant during your workday.

Sweet-as-honey-chicken is your favourite meal? A colleague wants to say Thank you? Or you shouldn't miss an event which most of your team members attend to? No problem. Our Pings help you stay up to date.


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