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"Hi, my name is" Release 

Released on 2020 08 27 (Web Client 2.3, App 2.3 - iOS & Android)

What is an intranet without my colleagues?! And simply the name together with a small profile picture is usually not enough to get to know my colleagues any better.

So who is the new employee from the marketing department? Is there someone who can give me some advice on how to use the new software? What is the best way to contact the colleague who is working at a different location?

We intend to make these and many more functions available based on user profiles. And we have taken the very first step in this direction with this release:


  • Click on a user to open his profile

  • Change your own display name to choose how you want to be mentioned within the Intranet

  • Find colleagues using the search function

Additionally, administrators now have the option to hide the feature preview. This allows you to easily test Linchpin Cloud with your colleagues without being distracted by any views that do not yet contain real data.


  • The browser tab now displays the matching page title

Let's Start a Conversation Release 

Released on 2020 08 05  (Web Client 2.2, App 2.2 - iOS & Android)



Ever read a news article and wanted to reply to it? 
No problem - write a comment and start a conversation with your coworkers


Creating your custom theme is as easy as never before. 
Upload your company logo and apply the color recommendations.

Integrate Linchpin in Confluence Cloud

Released on 2020 07 30  (Linchpin for Confluence Cloud 1.0.1-AC)


Connect workspace 

  • Administrators can connect a Linchpin Cloud workspace to their Confluence Cloud instance

Show me some news 

  • Open the Linchpin Cloud news hub within Confluence Cloud
  • Integrate a news macro on a Confluence page in order to show the latest news from your Linchpin Cloud dashboard

Easy Login Release

Released on 2020 June 24 (Web Client 2.1, App 2.1 - iOS & Android)


  • Email Signup: You can now use Linchpin Cloud without having a Gmail Account or Apple ID
  • Auto-Login: No need to login or choose your workspace again when continuing your work

Other improvements

  • Compatibility with Linchpin for Confluence Cloud app

Performance Release 

Released on 2020 May 14 (Web Client 2.0)
Released on 2020 May 15 (App 2.0.1 - iOS & Android)

We have improved the performance of Linchpin Cloud

Other improvements

  • "Sign in with Apple" is now available for Web
  • "Like"-Function works smoother
  • Favicon shows Linchpin logo
  • Invite is case insensitive

iOS and Android Release

Released on 2020 May 5 (App 1.1.0)

Linchpin Cloud Beta is now available for iOS and Android!

Beta Release 

Released on 2020 April 24 (Web Client 1.0.1) 

This is the first official release of Linchpin Cloud!


  • Visit

  • Create your own workspace

  • Set company logo and color scheme

  • Invite colleagues

  • Create company news

  • Upload images

  • Unsplash integration

  • Connect Atlassian Cloud (Confluence & Jira) and see updated pages and issues

  • Connect Google Calendar and see your today's meetings

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