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Confluence compatibility

Plugin5.95.10... CenterRead Only Mode
Release 4.1(error)(tick)...(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Release 4.0(error)(tick)...(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Release 3.4(error)(tick)...(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)

Space Admin


In earlier versions only a global Confluence admin was allowed to add, edit and delete topics and to delete other users' posts. Beginning with version 2.5 space admins can do so, too. While the global admin still finds the combined administration view within the general administration backend, as a space admin you now have an additional entry in your space tools. From here you can manage the topics for your space.

Also as a space admin you can now delete other users' posts within the topics of your space(s).


As space admin you are able to create, edit, move and dissolve topics for your space (see Topic configuration).

There's a tab in the space administration called "Microblog".

For moving a topic or microposts to another space, you need space admin permission for both the source and target space.

Attachments handling

Before version 2.2, files were attached to the space home page of the selected topic. This could lead to a large number of attachments to this page and produce long loading times. Since release 2.2, files are directly attached to microposts and therefore only the needed content is loaded, which improves performance. Furthermore, there is no need for a space homepage.

We don't provide an upgrade task. If you want to keep old attachments of microposts in a given topic, don't delete the attachments from the corresponding space homepage (or move it).

Unfortunately you can't delete certain attachments. Only deleting a micropost will remove all files.

MySQL Database Issues with Emoticons

MySQL < 5.5 has problems with some Emoticons which use a utf8mb4 Character Set (4-Byte UTF-8 Unicode Encoding), see example. This leads to problems saving a micropost and causes an exception in the logs. Your users will only see that nothing happens, so they may be confused. We are having difficulties catching the exception and displaying a meaningful error message.

You may see something like this in the logs:

ERROR [...] [...] logExceptions Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x91\xBD a...' for column 'TITLE' at row 1
 -- referer: https://... | url: /rest/microblog/1.0/micropost | userName: admin

(info) See also Charset MySQL 5.0 and Charset MySQL 5.5.

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