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In this section you can learn how to change your profile picture and, if you are an administrator, how to configure profile picture selection and restrictions.

How to upload a profile picture?

To upload a profile picture, head over to your profile. The button to change your picture is located on top of the profile picture itself.

Click on the Edit profile picture button.

In the Upload a picture of you section, click on the Choose file button. Select the image you wish to set as your profile picture, then click on the Upload button.

Your uploaded image will be displayed and can be cropped. Resize the rectangle tool to select the image section which should become your profile picture. Then, click on the Save button.

How to delete a profile picture?

To delete a profile picture, click on the Edit profile picture button which is located on top of your profile picture.

In the Delete profile picture section, click on the Delete button. A warning will appear. Click on the OK button to confirm your action.

Configure image sources

Some image sources allow users to upload their own profile pictures. Other sources let you import the correct pictures from a specific directory.

To configure image sources for the profile picture, you must head over to the Confluence administration.

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile Editor → Special fieldsHere you will find the Profile picture source section.

You can select between three options.


This is the default option. Users will be able to upload their own profile pictures. These pictures will be stored inside your Confluence instance.

LDAP field

This option will import the profile pictures from a directory service. LDAP supports PNG and JPEG files. If you select this option, you will have to enter the LDAP attribute which is connected to the profile pictures.

By default, users won't be able to upload their own profile pictures.

If you wish to allow users to upload their own profile pictures, activate the Save pictures uploaded by a user to the LDAP server checkbox. The images uploaded will still be stored on the LDAP server.


Use this option if you want to import profile pictures from a web server.

If you enter a direct URL to a specific image, this image will apply to all profiles.

You can change this by using variables! You can use your configured LUP profile fields. The field keys enclosed in curly brackets (for example: {confluence.department}) act as variables inside your link.

For example{cup.department-1}/user/{cup.surname-2}.png would select the right profile picture for every profile (of course you will have to use the right field keys).

If you access the web server via HTTPS, please make sure that you added the appropriate SSL certificate to your server's TrustStore.

To import profile pictures as avatars, the LUP: Update all URL profile pictures job needs to be activated!

To do this go to the "Scheduled Jobs" section in Confluence administration. There you need to run LUP: Update all URL profile pictures.

Set image limitations

Profile picture file size

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile Editor → Special fields. Find the Profile picture file size section.

Click on the button with a pre-selected option to open a list. From here, choose what file size limit you wish to set. If you select "Custom size", enter the max. file size manually. The file size is being regulated in kilobytes.

Finally, click on the Save button to save your changes.

Profile picture size

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile Editor → Special fields. Find the Profile picture size section.

Here you can set a max. size for the profile picture. The default setting is 200px × 200px.

Enter the size in pixel (as a plain number) and click on the Save button. 

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