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Before you can configure the personalization, it's wise to prepare the content.

Prepare content for personalization

To display personalized pages with the help of Linchpin Personalized Content, you must create several individual pages.

For example: If you wish to personalize the dashboard for every department, you will need an individual page for each department. You can later assign those pages to the departments

All content on those pages must be placed inside the Excerpt macro.

You cannot link multiple pages to the same user profile value. Only the first linked page will be used.

Alternatively, you can include whole pages with the new Profile based page macro! In this case you don't have to use the Excerpt macro anymore.

Simply create some personalized pages, link them within the configuration and insert the content group via the Profile based page macro.

Limit content shown

If you want to show only a part of the page as personalized content, you can place the content inside an excerpt macro.

Content outside the macro will be visible on the page, but will not appear in personalized sections, if you use the Personalized content macro.

This content was last updated on 06/08/2020.

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