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You can decide which Microblog topics you want to see in your feed.

Select relevant Microblog topics

You need to select at least one topic for the Microblog to work.

If you wish, you can select all topics and see the complete communication fo your organization.

But you can also limit your Microblog to only topics you are really interested in.

To do so, click on the Microblog button within your mobile navigation.

Then, click on the funnel button  in the upper right corner. 

To add topics to your Microblog timeline, activate the buttons next to the topic names (the buttons should become blue).

To remove topics from your Microblog timeline, deactivate the buttons next to the topic names (the buttons should become gray).

Once you've selected all relevant topic, click on the Finish button in the upper right corner.

This content was last updated on 03/31/2020.

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