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Org Charts display the hierarchy in your team/company.

Org Charts

You can now display a visual representation of your connections to other users (superior / subordinates) in the new "Org Chart" tab in your user profile (if the profile fields are configured accordingly by your administrator).

You can move the Org Charts via drag & drop.

Use the arrow buttons next to the user cards to open or close single branches of the Org Charts.

Use the slider to control the zoom level.

The Center view button will center the Org Charts on yourself.

The Reset view button will reset all changes you made (positioning, zoom level, opening new branches) and display the default view.

Please note that if Space Privacy is active on your instance, only members of the internal group will have access to Org Charts!

Configure Org Charts

For Org Charts to work, you have to configure which profile field holds the information about superiors/subordinates.

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Org Charts.

In the Superior section, select the profile field which you configured as a "superior indicator". Click on the Save button to save your changes.

If there is no entry you can choose from, the administrator first needs to add a profile field with the field type "User select" in the Profile Editor.

If you use LDAP or XML to fill the configured profile field, the organization chart will be available in the user's profile after the next synchronization.