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What are News Magazines?

News Magazines offer a way to aggregate relevant news and display them in form of a single news room / a magazine.

You can collect news from various spaces here and display them in one single magazine.

It kind of behaves like a classic web blog for one specific topic. You can create magazines for different topics (for example: fitness, as seen in the screenshot to the right).

Please note

Permissions still apply. If a user lacks read permissions for a news item, they won't see this item in the magazine either.

How to access News Magazines?

To access News Magazines, head over to the News Hub.

To find the News Hub, click on the compass  button inside the Linchpin header navigation. This action will open a context menu. From here, click on the News Hub tile.

The News Magazines are located in the left sidebar.

Create a News Magazine

See how to create a News Magazine. Follow the step-by-step guide below or watch the GIF below.

Navigate to Magazine management

To create a News Magazine, navigate to News Hub > News Management > Magazine management.

Create a new News Magazine

Click on the Create magazine button.

A new window will open. Input the name of your new magazine here. Click on the Create magazine button to confirm your input.

Edit the newly created News Magazine

Now, click on the edit button.

If you are already viewing an existing magazine, click on the configuration button.

Add modules to your News Magazine

You will be greeted by an empty magazine.

Click the + Add module button to add new elements to your magazine.

Select the "News" tile.

After your selection, click on Add module.

Configure your news modules

You are editing the newly added news module now. All settings for this module can be found to the right.

The text and links modules are built in a very similar way and can also be configured following this guide.

Please note

Every news item can be displayed only once within a magazine.

Even if your news module configuration means that a particular news item should fit various criteria and thus appear in various news modules, duplicate news items won't appear within the news magazine. The automatic filters prevent that from happening.


Insert a headline for your news section. For example: News from Washington.

Display "more news" link

A news module has limited amount of news it can display. More news from the pre-configured category/label/space can be displayed after clicking on a "More news →" button.

Activate this checkbox if you want the "More news →" link to show.

An Example

Let's say your news module is configured to show news from the "Washington News" category. There exist 20 news in this category in your system. The news module can display maximally 4 news, though. If you activate the "more news" box, four of the newest "Washington News" news will be displayed, and the other news can be accessed via the "More news →" button.


All available news
Shows news from any category, in any space and of any label.

News sections
Shows news only from specific news section you selected.

Combination of spaces, labels and news categories
In this powerful mask you can combine multiple filters. You can choose to display news located in a specific space AND of a specific category only. Or include several categories and exclude specific spaces or labels.


Choose a layout for your news module. You can select a full-width single tile, a two cards design, three cards design, a four cards design or a mixed design with one big news card and 3 smaller horizontal news teasers.

Configure tile elements

Here you can decide if specific information like news author, news category or likes and comments are displayed inside the news card, hidden completely or only shown when users hover over the news card with their mouse.


Click and hold the "three dots" button to move your modules and quickly restyle your Magazine.

Click the Delete button to delete a module.

Optional step - add more modules

Optionally, add other modules (news, links, text or image) and configure them.

Edit styling

Via the Edit styling button you can change the appearance of your News Magazine.

Here you can change the background color, the color of the headlines and the color of the "More news →" link.

Save and publish your News Magazine

Activate the Magazine active slider. This will publish the News Magazine and make it visible. Then, click on the Save button.

Click on the Close button to close the edit mask and view your Magazine.


Use the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see how your inputs change the magazine's look.

Available designs and stylings

Currently, there are 5 news design variants available. 

Please note

It is not possible to set individual colors for news teasers within news magazines.

News magazines also don't inherit the design configured in the Linchpin Theme configuration.

Furthermore, it is not possible to switch between list and tile view in a single design.

The designs are constant (for example, you can't display a single list-styled news article, since the single tile design always consists of a full-image tile). The administrative option "Display news as text and tiles (users can switch between both options)" only applies to the News Hub and not the News Magazines.

Do you have a feature wish for the magazines? Please visit our canny board and share your idea with us and the rest of the community.

Single tile with a full-image design

This design variation will display a single, page-filling tile with a modern, full-image design.

Two tiles with a list design

This design variation will display two news articles next to each other. Both news article will have the same design as when news are viewed in the list view.


For best results, we strongly recommend to use teaser images for news displayed in the two tiles design!

Three tiles with a full-image design

This design variation will display three news articles next to each other. Every news article will have a modern, full-image design.

 Four tiles with a classic design

This design variation will display four news articles next to each other. The tiles will use the classic design, containing a teaser image and a separated title area.

Single full-image tile and a list

This final design variation combines two design options. The left news article will be displayed as a single tile with the modern, full-image design. The other three news articles will be displayed on the right side in the form of a list.

Available modules

To add a module, click on the configure  button at the top of the magazine. 

Click on the + Add module button to select a module.

Currently, there are four module types available.


The news module shows news. You can choose from five different news design variations. For a full list, see the Available designs and stylings section.


The text module allows you to add text to your magazines. You can style your text with stylings like headline 1, headline 2, bold text, italic text, underlined text, lists or links.

You can display your text in a single-column design, a two-columns design or a three-columns design.

The links module allows you to display a collection of links. You can enter the links and the display names for them. You can also select the alignment of the link list.



The image module allows you to display a single image within your news magazine.

After you uploaded an image, select the size of the image. 

Select Keep original size if the image should not be rescaled.

Select Show image in full page width and the image will always be stretched to fill out the whole page width.

You can also select the alignment of the image. Note that if Show image in full page width is selected, the alignment is always centered.

Empty state

In case you don't have enough news to fill a magazine with, the magazine will display an informative notification (for each module) that this is the case. This is also the case when your magazine modules are configured to use empty news categories, spaces containing no news etc.

So don't worry if you see these "warnings". Simply create more news or configure your magazine modules so that they import the correct news.

What else can I do with Linchpin Enterprise News?

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.