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There a several ways to insert the menu to your intranet. Learn more about inserting the menu.

The Linchpin Navigation Menus configuration section contains three items: Settings, Personalization and Structure.

The Menu settings allow for a couple of display options. In addition you can define a number of menu editors and unlock the menu.

The personalization of menus allows to create specific menus for users or groups of users, by their profile information. So you can show a different menu to people in Marketing than to people in the Sales department.

In this section you can define the whole structure of the menu and menu entries.

Learn how the Linchpin Navigation Menus tracks changes to the menu and shows published and draft versions in the history.

The Navigation Menu Editor offers an import / export functionality, which allows you to export the most recently saved menu to a JSON file and re-import it to the same or another Confluence instance (Please note that menus imported to another instance may become invalid when the Confluence page IDs are different).

The import and export functions can be found inside the header, below the "⋯" menu. 

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