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Always keep the overview: A menu to provide structure and guide you quickly

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Menu Settings

Display options

  • Activate the option Display navigation in header to integrate your menu automatically below the Confluence application header. 
  • In addition to a classic dropdown layout, you can display the navigation in a multi column flyout style. Menu items under second level categories will then show up on a large panel like Amazon's or eBay's navigation.
    • (warning) You can configure the number of flyout columns and the width (in pixels) of each column via JavaScript. These values have to be set before the menu is displayed:

      • SeibertMedia.MenuEditor.FlyoutMaxColumns (default is 4)

      • SeibertMedia.MenuEditor.FlyoutColumnWidth (default is 200)

      • Sample code:

        SeibertMedia = SeibertMedia || {};
        SeibertMedia.MenuEditor = SeibertMedia.MenuEditor || {};
        SeibertMedia.MenuEditor.FlyoutMaxColumns = 4;
        SeibertMedia.MenuEditor.FlyoutColumnWidth = 200;
  • You can choose to show the menu to users that are not logged in, if your Confluence instance is accessible by anonymous users.

Menu editors

Configure which users or user groups are allowed to edit the menu structure. They will be shown a configuration "gear wheel" link at the right side of the menu.

Unlock menu

If a user starts editing the navigation structure, nobody else can access this view. It gets locked until the user logs out or his session expires. Please be aware that if your admin session expires, you are not able to save your menu. The Confluence default admin session expiration time is set to 10 minutes.

Confluence administrators can always unlock the editor view, but they should keep in mind that unlocking the navigation edit view might cause the loss of changes made by a currently active editor.

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