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What is debug mode?

Debug mode is meant for users who experience issues with Linchpin Mobile.

The debug mode will create log files about errors that occur while using the app. Users can send logs from within the app to the development team via email.

Enable / Disable debug mode

Navigate to the app's More section in the main navigation, then tap on the About this app button.

Now, tap on the Version information button.

In the upper right corner of the app, there is a button with three dots. Tap on this button.

Finally, tap on the Enable debug mode button.

To disable the feature again, repeat all the steps. The "Enable debug mode" button will change to "Disable debug mode" button.

Send us debug logs

You need to have a default email client configured on your mobile device in order to send logfiles to the development team.

Navigate to the app's More section in the main navigation.

Then, tap the About this app menu entry. Afterwards, tap the Version information menu entry.

In the upper right corner, there is a button with three dots. Tap it to open the context menu.

Now tap on the Export log files entry.

An error report window will open. Choose the topic of your problem and add your explanation in text form. Then, tap the Send button in order to perform a handshake to your default mobile email client.

A new email draft is automatically generated for you and all information will be pre-filled. Simply send the draft and you're all done.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.