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In this section, you can manage the mobile gateway, registration via QR codes and users' connected devices.

Where to find mobile connection settings?

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin Mobile → Connection settings

Linchpin Mobile Gateway

If your Confluence runs behind a firewall, you want to configure the connection settings.

Follow this link to read about our security concept for Linchpin Mobile.

You can either select a gateway hosted by //SEIBERT/MEDIA or use a custom gateway.

We created a detailed documentation about this topic. Follow the link to our documentation on the mobile gateway.

Device management

In this section, you can disable the QR code generation for Linchpin Mobile, manage connected devices and create custom invitation QR codes.

Manage QR code generation via user profiles

Activate the toggle. This will allow every user to register their mobile device via QR code from within their user profile.

Deactivate the toggle to forbid users to generate their own QR codes. If you choose to deactivate the QR code generation, enter instructions on how to register for Linchpin Mobile. Click on the Save button to save the instructions.

Those instructions will be displayed in the user's mobile access profile tab. You can use HTML here.

Register new devices

Here you can individually create QR codes for users.

Enter the name of the user you wish to create a QR code for. Then, click on the Generate QR code button.

Revoke device access

Here you can remove users' device access.

Enter the name of the user you wish to manage.

Next to the device you wish to revoke access for, click on the Remove button.

Click on the Confirm button to confirm your action in the pop-up window. 

User directories

Here you can configure the SSO status for every user directory.

Next to the user directory's name, click on the list button to show all available options.

You can set the SSO status to either deactivated, activated or detect automatically.

Important: If you are unsure whether the SSO status should be activated or deactivated, set it to detect automatically.

Please note that you should not change these settings if everything works fine.

This content was last updated on 04/07/2020.

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