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Migration panel

Every Confluence installation has a set of default profile fields: PhoneIMWebsitePositionDepartmentLocation. If your Confluence installation was in use before you installed the Linchpin User Profiles App, those fields could already contain data. 

LUP comes with a migration feature to transfer data from default Confluence profile fields to corresponding LUP fields. You can find the "Profile Migration" in the Confluence administration.

Profile Migration Assistant

By default the corresponding LUP fields have the same names as their Confluence counterparts. You are free to edit their names, but like Confluence default profile fields, they can't be deleted.

Please note!

The migration process will copy all the information contained in the default Confluence profile fields to the corresponding LUP fields.

When a LUP field changes, the corresponding Confluence default profile field is automatically updated.

If you have entered data into the six aforementioned LUP fields before running the migration process, this data will be overwritten by the migration. That's why the migration is the first thing you should do after installing the app.

The hint will disappear after the migration runs the first time. From the migration page you can always run the migration again.