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Self Service - Microblog Placeholder Macro

If you use some sort of template mechanism to create new spaces (requires other plugins) or space blueprints with a Microblog Timeline, this feature makes it more easier to start microblogging right after creating the new space.

Inserted in one of the template pages, it will be converted to a Microblog Timeline with the newly created space selected. Furthermore it creates a default topic with the name of the new space.

This is the Microblog Placeholder macro in a template space.

This is not a real timeline, but an image of one.

After copying the Template page with the Microblog Placeholder macro, it is replaced with a Microblog Timeline macro which only shows microposts from the current (newly created) space. As you might noticed there was a default topic created which the name of the current space.

You can insert the placeholder macro within the Confluence Default Space Template, so every new Confluence Space contains a microblog timeline and topic.