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Mail Page

Send Confluence content via mail

See the documentation for your Release


Release Notes for 1.7.4

  • We fixed a bug where custom logo files lead to a failure, when they are not uploaded via "Site Logo and Favicon" (for the global logo) or "Default Space Logo"

Release Notes for 1.7.3

  • Fixed a bug where mail delivery used the default mail server instead of the configured one

Release Notes for 1.7.2

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Plugin to crash on a Windows server, when using a custom logo
  • Fixed another bug where quadratic images won't be scaled

Release Notes for 1.7

  • Added the capability to embed images with the CID (Content ID) format in emails
  • Added base64 encoding of images, rather than just linking to your Confluence
  • This means, recipients don't need to be users of your Confluence in order to see the images in the email anymore
  • Optional scaling of images to a user defined value has been added to reduce mail size
  • HTML template for emails now supports Confluence specific rendering of tables, labels and some other components
  • HTML template now has a header bar with your Confluence - or Space logo and main color to represent your Confluence's look and feel
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