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Linchpin sidebar

The Linchpin sidebar is closed by default and is attached to the right side of your browser. To display it, click on the icon.
After it expands, you will see an overview of your favorite Confluence pages. Below are pictures of the closed and open sidebar.

You can search within your favorite pages, or remove them from your favorites by clicking on the star icon.

To close the sidebar, click the cross - it will collapse back to the right side of your browser window.

More options (tabs or icons) will be added when you use additional Linchpin apps. 
See the "First Steps", or "Examples" page for more information.

  • Activate the Linchpin sidebar: Enable or disable the Linchpin sidebar.
  • Scroll behaviour: Choose whether the sidebar icons should scroll with the content or stay in a fixed position.
  • Expert finder: Configure the "Custom User Search" macro from our other app "Linchpin Profiles". See the notes below.
  • Background color of sidebar icons: Sets the background color of the icons on the left side of the sidebar.
  • Icon color: Sets the icon color of the icons on the left side of the sidebar.

Configure your sidebar search (Expert Finder)

Note: This feature is only available if you have both Linchpin Manager and Linchpin User Profiles installed.

LTP uses a Linchpin User Profiles macro to provide the sidebar search.
Click on "Configure Expert-Search parameters" to open the macro configuration.

For more help, see the Linchpin User Profiles documentation.