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Patch Release

  • We improved the PDF export layout for pages containing Custom User List macros with textarea profile fields.
  • When using a custom language pack to translate profile field and category names, the system default language is now used as a fallback when no translation exists for a user's language.
  • Until now, the OrgCharts did not show users when the capitalization of the user profile field was incorrect (different from the actual user name). This has been fixed to use a case-insensitive lookup. Superior and subordinate users are now displayed even if "JaneDoe" is entered as "janedoe".


Macro improvements, bugfixes, technical improvements


  • The field type "Cascade Select" supports only CSV file format now, we dropped support for specific Excel files due to technical reasons.


  • The Custom User List now has a pagination and performance has been improved.
  • The avatar display of the Content Responsibility Macro has been improved.
  • We have made technical improvements to ensure sustainability.

Bug Fixes

  • The display of search results in the Custom User Search macro has been corrected. It could happen that they were positioned incorrectly on the screen.


Confluence 7 compatibility release

  • Linchpin User Profiles is now compatible with Confluence 7.

Bug Fixes

  • The Content Responsibility macro now works correctlywhen Confluence's collaborative editing feature is turned on.
  • We fixed a display error that occurred in combination with the Linchpin Sidebar.


Hotfix release



Patch release


  • When importing profile data from XML, you can now map multiple profile fields to the same XML attribute.

New features / improvements:

  • The profile notice for Linchpin Assistant and Linchpin Onboarding now supports additional field types: "Country", "Language" and "Textarea".
  • You can configure the Linchpin Assistant profile notice to be shown even if all profile fields are already filled. This enables the use case "Is your profile still up to date?" in addition to the existing use case "Please complete your profile".


Hotfix Version: backsync to custom directory fixed

If there is a custom user directory added as Linchpin User Profile data source it is now always used as target for the data backsync feature. We fixed an issue where this directory has been ignored in some cases.


Extended profile field type support for Linchpin Onboarding & Assistant

You can now add profile fields of the type "phone" to the user profile fields modules in Linchpin Onboarding and Linchpin Assistant (see Linchpin Manager - Release 1.2). Until now only the field types "text", "select" and "multiselect" were supported. Thus a further step towards better maintained and high-quality user data is possible (smile)

In addition, we have improved the output of macros for anonymous users. Until now, only general messages and messages that were not comprehensible to the user were displayed.


Improved mobile compatibility & support for the Content Responsibility macro in blueprints


Hotfix Release

This release fixes an issue that prevented synchronizing more than one connected user directory.


Full integration into the upcoming, newly built Linchpin Sidebar.

The upcoming version 2.17 of our Linchpin Theme will contain a completely new sidebar. Linchpin User Profiles will connect to this sidebar like it did before to the previous one.


  • The Content Responsibility macro can now display the profile fields "email", "username" and "full name" and shows values from multi select fields correctly. Further the preview in the macro configuration has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes in the Custom User List macro PDF support.
  • Fixed profile editing issues for profile editors.
  • Fixed some issues that occurred when usernames had a leading "0" (zero).
  • Fixed profile view for anonymous access.
  • Various smaller UI fixes


Hotfix release

This release fixes two bugs.

  • Renaming or archiving pages that use the Content Responsibility macro should now work correctly.
  • Having deleted users as contacts should not produce errors anymore.


Data Center compatibility

This release ensures compatibility with Confluence Data Center.


Performance improvements, bugfixes, DC compatibility preparations


  • We improved the performance in many places, for example when using multiple Profile macros on one page.
  • We made several preparations for our upcoming Data-Center compatibility release.

Bug Fixes

  • When using Linchpin Assistant or Linchpin Onboarding (which are parts of Linchpin Manager, see to let your users fill their profile fields, commas are now supported in multi-select option values.
  • You can now correctly select a profile field to be shown in the Content Responsibility macro.
  • We also fixed some minor display issues.


Hotfix Release

Bug Fixes

  • Profile sync won't fail anymore when using a directory with nested groups.
  • Fixed an exception when using the Custom User Search macro after updating from an earlier version of Linchpin User Profiles.


Private version, not released


Show who is responsible for pages and blog posts


  • Add people to pages and blog posts to show who is responsible for the content.

  • The Linchpin Assistant will be supported with Linchpin Manager 1.2.

Bug Fixes

  • OrgChart relationships are now displayed correctly.
  • Profile pictures are no longer distorted in the Customer User List macro in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The incorrect display of Linked Fields in the Customer User List macro has been fixed.
  • New and edited fields are immediately available in the Customer User List macro.
  • You can now use hidden fields to personalize the menu.


Better language search


  • If there's a language field in your profile configuration, and you wanted to search for users speaking a certain language, you had to use the locale (e. g. "en_US"). Now you can simply search for those users by typing in the name of the language. (e. g. "english", "englisch", "inglés", "englanti" or "anglais", as we are supporting this feature in English, German, Spanish, Finnish and French).

Bug Fixes

  • The user list is now exported nicely again, when exporting a page as PDF file.


Experience the new and powerful expert search to easily find colleagues in your intranet


  • Now you can use the "AND" operator in the Custom User Search macro
  • The Custom User Lists macro provides CQL queries in the new expert mode
  • You can search for entire phrases and it is possible to use wildcards in your search requests
  • The Profile Macro shows a nicer message when a user could not be found


  • Increased performance for the "Custom user search"
  • Improved descriptions when editing a category in the profile editor


  • Fixed Skype status when hovering over a username

Technical Information

In Linchpin User Profiles 2.10 we improved the search backend and switched completely to a CQL based search. To benefit from this immediately after the upgrade to 2.10 it is necessary to rebuild the index completely. You can trigger this by yourself, please consider that this may take some time.
Alternatively you can skip that since the index will progressively update itself. Then the fully featured Linchpin User Profiles search will improve progressively as well.


This release features PDF export for macros, performance and visual improvements and fixes few bugs.


  • Improved the performance of the custom user search macro.
  • Minor visual fixes for the profile, "My Contacts" and "Profile" macros.
  • Added PDF export support for the "Profile" and "Custom User List" macros.

Bug fixes

  • Labels of empty fields are now hidden when viewing a profile.
  • Profile pictures will now have a working link to a profile, when the picture was uploaded before "Linchpin User Profiles" was installed.
  • Linked fields in the user list macro will show the link text instead the URL.
  • Removed duplicated Skype status icon from the profile macro.


More options for admins to customize profile picture uploads!


  • Now the file size for the profile picture upload is freely configurable
  • Limit profile picture width and height to easily import them in other applications


  • The Skype status updates automatically in a short time
  • Now the visibility settings of email addresses will be respected

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue concerning the correct view of informations with field type „user“ in vCards
  • Profile pictures are now displayed undistorted
  • Fixes an issue with profile picture updates during ldap synchronisation
  • Fixes an issue with LDAP synchronisation and inactive LDAPs
  • Fixes mobile view for profile categories
  • Contact data of profiles with many fields are now presented correctly
  • All subordinates are now displayed completely in org charts
  • Display problems in Chrome browser concerning inactive IM status are fixed


Fixed issues with locales and profile pictures.


  • The profile network tab won't show profile picture updates anymore, when pictures are set by the LDAP synchronisation task.
  • Improved error message handling.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which could prevent some personalization features from working correctly, when the user locale was set within a profile.
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent profile pictures from loading properly in Linchpin Mobile.
  • Fixed a case where profile picture uploads could fail in combination with Internet Explorer and Apache Server.


Now with even more possibilities to improve the users profile data!

Release Notes:

  • We introduced a new role "profile editors" for your users profiles. These editors can take care that quality and professionalism of the data stays on a high level.
  • Apps like Teamify or Confluence Questions can now enhance the profiles and make them even more interesting.


Bye bye CUP, hello LUP!

Release Notes:

  • Custom User Profile is now Linchpin User Profiles!
  • Aside from that we made the App UI compatible with Confluence 6.7 and its reworked user interfaces.

Other Enhancements:

  • The additional LDAP configuration now supports paging.


Turn text fields into static or dynamic links and display them in your profiles.

New Features:

  • Text fields can now be set to static or dynamic links by the Administrator. They can contain individual and specific links to further information, such as social media profiles, external tools, etc.


  • The macros "Custom User List" and "Custom User Search" now have field selection drop-downs sorted by field categories.
  • The performance of the profile view has been improved in conjunction with dependent fields.


  • Fixed an issue regarding the connection to Skype For Business when there was no internet connection.
  • The "manager" fields DN will now be resolved into the confluence user name and can now be correctly used in the OrgChart or displayed in the Profile.

Important Note:

The "custom landing spaces" have been moved, you can find this feature in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. There is a migration process so that there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces.


Improve your userlists with the awesome extension of the Custom User List Macro!


  • You can now configure multiple profile fields as filter for the Custom User List Macro. Thereby you can define even more precise user searches.
  • Now the Confluence user profile fields are selectable as search filter in the Custom User List Macro.


  • We fixed some bugs in the UI of the Profile Macro.

Important Note:

In the near future the Custom landing spaces will move and find a new home in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. There will be a migration process so that there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces. We will provide detailed information on that topic when the time comes (Lächeln)

Please be aware that downgrading from this version to a version smaller than 2.0 may result in unwanted side effects. Only experienced administrators should consider this step.