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Improvements & fixes

  • We fixed a XSS vulnerability which potentially allowed Confluence administrators to send malicious code to Confluence users.
  • Due to optimizing the frontend building we had to drop the IE support.


  • CDN support


  • Fixed vulnerable dependencies


  • We changed the user interface to be gender neutral in the German version.


  • The help and support page was blank, this has been fixed.
  • Also, we fixed the functionality to add comments to translations.
  • We fixed some minor issues in the translation history dialog.


Linchpin Translations supports DC's read-only mode now.

New features

  • We are now compatible with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.

Improvements & fixes

  • We added a logging key to the plugin's description.


  • Generated language packs received a read-only mode flag.


  • We fixed an issue in which pasted i18n keys resulted in untranslated texts by removing \u2060 on paste.
  • We fixed an issue of endless loading and filtering while adding a language by updating the mapping of the loaded language data.


  • The app has been renamed to Linchpin Translations.
  • The app is now part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite (instead of being part of the Linchpin Manager app).
  • We split npm packages.


  • We removed duplicate and thus unnecessary @Indexed from entity columns with @Unique to avoid errors with Oracle DB which tries to create the index twice while @Unique is enough to create a unique index.


  • We introduced usage tracking to Linchpin Translations.
  • We fixed a bug concerning unique valid plugin keys for generated language packs in kebab case.


  • New app icons.


  • We fixed a CSRF vulnerability which potentially allowed users with admin access to upload their own corrupted files.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.