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1.6.8 Release Notes

Hotfix Release

  • We addressed an issue causing the configuration to be not functional

1.6.7 Release Notes

Hotfix Release

  • We fixed a possible cross-site scripting vulnerability.

1.6.6 Release Notes

Patch Release

  • Linchpin Touch is now compatible with the new Microblog 5.0
  • Compatibility with Linchpin Events 2.0 has been improved

1.6.5 Release Notes

Compatibility release for Confluence 7

1.6.4 Release Notes

Bugfix Release

  • Better support for some custom macros
  • Linchpin Suite compatibility
  • Version 1.6.3 was an internal release

1.6.2 Release Notes

Data Center approved release

  • Data Center approved release
  • Version 1.6.1 was an internal release

1.6 Release Notes

Bugfix release

Bug fixes

  • Cover Stories with single tile layout now works in quadrants
  • Page / blog post meta data aren't doubled if Linchpin Enterprise News is enabled
  • Some unsupported macros are now hidden from Touch view (e.g., Space Details)
  • Fixed an issue displaying images in quadrants
  • Forced the save button to work as intended when editing a sidebar or footer is canceled
  • Date in news is now displayed as date, not as timestamp
  • Fixed some styling issues occurring under Confluence 6.7 or higher
  • Fixed some styling issues occurring with Linchpin Enterprise News 2.4 or higher
  • Fixed an issue causing the microblog in version 3.4 or higher sometimes not to appear at all

1.5 Release Notes

Compatibility release for Confluence 6.7

New features

  • Compatibility with Confluence 6.7

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with newer PDF files (broken layout or missing special characters)
  • Forced the save button to work as intended when editing a sidebar or footer


  • Improved user experience when using Corporate or Personal News Feed macros

1.4 Release Notes

Usability and personalization improvements

New features

  • You can now rearrange personalized sidebars and footers to make sure the correct navigation is displayed.
  • When interacting with a quadrant, a corresponding sidebar item will be opened.


  • Improved drag&drop behavior when editing sidebars or footers
  • Improved compatibility with browsers other than Chrome


  • Several optical fixes

1.3 Release Notes

Initial Marketplace Release

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via Let's build a great product together! 

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