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Linchpin Theme - Documentation

Create an individual theme for you Confluence and Linchpin

See the documentation for your release





2.8.0 Release Notes

This is the 2.8.0 version of the Linchpin Theme Plugin. It is available at the Atlassian Marketplace.

Create fancy text/image teaser elements and modular box layouts. 


  • Added "Linchpin Teaser"-Macro
  • Added "Linchpin Layout Box"-Macro
  • Added option for "Linchpin User Profiles" (former Custom User Profiles) search result configuration (for searches via Linchpin Sidebar)


  • Integrated Note, if Linchpin Theme is not activated and "one click"-activation link


  • Fixed wrong link colors in Enterprise News Bundle news feed
  • Fixed wrong dropdown hover color in user profile (follow field)
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