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Linchpin Theme - Documentation

Create an individual theme for you Confluence and Linchpin

See the documentation for your release





2.7.0 Release Notes

This is the 2.7.0 version of the Linchpin Theme Plugin. It is available at the Atlassian Marketplace.

Add more links to your footer and use CustomJS also on your login screen.

  • Footer linklist can now show up to 15 entries
  • Export file name now shows exact time of export 
  • CustomJS is now available on login screen


  • Headline Styles are now available in editor
  • Improved error messages for image uploads
  • Improved look of "App Center - Access Your External Tools"
  • Integration of explaining icons for dashboard selection


  • Fixed „Double border below header on dashboard"
  • Fixed „Login button not clickable on small screens"
  • Fixed "Login screen width to small to fit maximum logo size"
  • Fixed „Custom HMTL at the end of the BODY“ not loading"
  • Fixed some typos
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