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Linchpin Theme - Documentation

Create an individual theme for you Confluence and Linchpin

See the documentation for your release



1.1.0 Release Notes

This is the 1.1.0 version of the Linchpin Theme Plugin. 


  • Added feature to customize look an feel of the Confluence dashboard
  • Added feature to show/hide the Linchpin sidebar 
  • Added feature to add a background image for the header
  • Added feature to customize back-tp-top-button  


  • Added new english translations
  • Added Query if old, obsolete Confluence dashboard is enabled
  • Re-positioning of info boxes in the space administration
  • Set maximum length of intranet name to 35
  • Optimized headline margins
  • Removed "back to old dashboard" button


  • Fixed bug "Missing Linchpin sidebar after update from 1.0.0"
  • Fixed bug "Broken Theme when using Terms of use plugin"
    Fixed bug "Footers shows unknown content"
  • Fixed typo in german "logo position" section
  • Removed Admin headline in footer for users
  • Minor optical improvements
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