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2.19.2 Release Notes

Compatibility release for Confluence 7

2.19.1 Release Notes

Create menus to provide structure for your intranet


  • Create a global custom menu easily, drag & drop menu items to create multi-language menus for your users.

  • Make your navigation (or parts of it) public for anonymous Confluence users.

  • Permit non-admin Confluence users or user groups to edit the navigation structure.

  • Preview the menu and use filters to see how it will be shown to users.

  • Use live filtering to configure the relevant parts of your navigation structure more clearly.

  • Display your navigation as dropdown, multi-column flyout or extended flyout with up to 4 hierarchy levels.

  • Never lose old versions of your previously built menu structures thanks to the menu structure history.

  • Use wildcards to filter menu items for users or user groups more easily. Build even more complex filters with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).

  • Draft your menus:

    • Save and preview menu drafts without publishing them immediately.

    • See a warning message if there are unpublished draft versions of the menu created by another menu editor.

    • See published versions highlighted in the menu history.

  • Import and export menus.

  • Highlight the active menu item using CSS.

This functionality was previously available as a standalone app (Linchpin Navigation Menus), but is now part of the Linchpin Theme app.


  • Styling for the menu and for news macros, as well as the configuration for the my contacts section in the Linchpin sidebar no longer require Linchpin Manager

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a custom welcome message showing up at the wrong spot while Terms of Use is active.
  • Made avatars show up in the info overlays of the space directory when confluence has a context path.

2.19.0 Internal Release

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