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Include pages without excerpt and read-only mode support.

New features & improvements

  • You can now include whole pages using the "Profile Based Page" macro.
  • We added the support for read-only mode in Confluence Data Center.


This version provides some nice configuration touch-ups.

New features

  • We gave the configuration page a complete overhaul. Its usage is much more intuitive now and in line with similar Linchpin configuration screens (like the News Sections of Linchpin Enterprise News).
  • The macro "Profile based content" has an autocomplete function in its configuration now. It allows for an easier selection of content groups.


Compatibility release.

New features & improvements

    • Linchpin Personalized Content is compatible with Confluence 7 now.



    • We fixed a critical bug that broke the configuration screen.


Linchpin Personalized Content can be installed properly now.


    • We fixed a bug which prevented the installation of Linchpin Personalized Content.


Initial release.

This content was last updated on 04/30/2020.

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