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Administration Guide Linchpin News Digest

General Idea of the Linchpin News Digest

There's two scenarios where a tool like Linchpin News Digest can come in handy: 

Scenario 1: You want to draw more users into your Linchpin or Confluence instance.

If you have a lot of users that don't visit Linchpin or Confluence very regularly, one way to draw them in is to show them what's new. You publish news or blog posts, that are displayed on the dashboard or at other places throughout your intranet. Then, you set up an email, that's sent out regularly to all users and contains appetizers for those news and blog posts. If they are interested and want to read the whole thing, they'll click in their email and will be redirected to this news within Confluence. And while they are there, they might check out other contents, too. 

Scenario 2: You want people to not miss important news, even if they cannot access the site for some time. 

Because the news digest email is sent regularly, and it always lists all the news that have been published since the last time it was sent, it's a great way to be sure not to miss any news. If there's a lot of news on the dashboard, older ones are quickly replaced by newer ones, and you might miss some if you happen to look there infrequently. 

Active / Not active switch

First, and most importantly, please note this switch on top of the configuration page. As long as it is set to "off" like it is shown on the screenshot, no email will be sent. This is to prevent accidentally spamming your whole company with hundreds of news. Only when you are sure your configuration is like you want it, you actively switch it on.

Also, with this switch you can turn off the news digest for some time without loosing your configuration.

Configuring the Basics: Sender, recipients and subject

Setting up a schedule: When and how often do you want it to trigger?

Deciding on content: Which news or blog posts do you want to include?

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