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Sadly, we aren't perfect, but we are trying to get there! We are actively working on the bugs listed here.

General issues

SOLVED IN LISU 4.1.2 & LESS 1.5.2

The "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app in version 1.32.1 causes problems for the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

For more information, follow the link below:

Knowledge Base: "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app causes health checks to freeze and blocks the creation of support zips

Usability issues

Android: PIN is requested too often.

Currently, on Android devices, if you set up a PIN for your app, Linchpin Mobile will ask you to enter the PIN in various situations, like when giving feedback or taking a picture to insert it into the Microblog. We know that it happens too often and we try to think of a good solution.

Some CMYK images might not be displayed.

When an image of the CMYK color model is uploaded to your Confluence instance, Linchpin Mobile might have troubles opening said image and might display an error message.

Many error messages occur when a user has not accept the Terms of Use yet. FIXED IN VERSION 3.5

If a user logs in into Linchpin Mobile without accepting the system's Terms of Use, many error messages will be displayed.

If a user didn't accept the Terms of Use yet, Linchpin Mobile won't automatically generate content on login.

This bug relates to the other Terms of Use bug. If a user logs in into Linchpin Mobile without having accepted the Terms of Use, the content (for example the news) won't load automatically. The user has to refresh the page by themselves for the content to load.

Android: Connection issues to system which use mobile device management (MDM).

If your Linchpin system lies behind a firewall/VPN of a MDM, connection errors might occur. We are actively working on sorting this issue out and improve the connection between Linchpin and MDMs.

Swipe gestures make it possible to re-enter the onboarding module.

After a user initially started Linchpin Mobile and completed the onboarding regarding push notifications and analytics, they can return to this screen if they use a swipe gesture for "back". This is not intended.

The "Date input" field gets corrupted on mobile devices. MOBILE 4.2.0USER PROFILES 3.0.0

The "Date input" field can be corrupted (saving the field would result in an error 400) when another user profile field uses an empty space as an ending character.

Visual/UI issues

Android: Sometimes, the text placeholder for the first PIN request doesn't work.

When you initially start Linchpin Mobile and have activated the PIN feature, the text placeholder (for example: Please enter your PIN code) isn't displayed correctly. Instead, the i18n-key is shown (for example:

Android: The date and time of an event is displayed incorrectly when the text takes up two lines. FIXED IN VERSION 3.5

When viewing an event in Linchpin Mobile, the time and date of an event might be displayed incorrectly if the text reaches a second text line. The text in the second line will then be cut off.

Using gestures to navigate through the app might lead to buggy animations.

When a user uses a swipe back gesture, for example to leave a menu, and it happens very quickly after some element has been loaded, the animations and the reload of the content might have some bugs.

Android: Push notifications icon is not displayed correctly. FIXED IN VERSION 3.5

Currently, the push notifications icon might be displayed incorrectly on some Android devices. Currently we know that Android version 7 & 8.1 might be affected.

User search might display an error message although it works correctly.

Sometimes, the user search might display an error message that the search failed. It is not the case and after some time, all relevant search results will be displayed. We are investigating this issue.

There's a feature missing in the list that would increase the product's value for your company? Let us know!

Simply visit our feedback board for Linchpin Mobile and create a feature request, vote for existing posts or discuss your ideas with other customers.

This page was last edited on 10/13/2022.