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Linchpin Mobile App

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App Release 0.9.0


This release adds topic specific filters for microblog, boosts performance by caching contents and fixes various bugs.




  • Added caching for images and other Confluence contents for performance improvement.
  • Added space and topic indicator for microblog posts.
  • Added topic specific filters for the microblog stream.
  • Added delete functionality for microblog posts.
  • Added labels for bottom navigation.
  • Added support for 'hide author' option in news posts.


  • Fixed a crash issue with QR code scanner on Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Fixed an issue when displaying 10+ fields in a user profile.
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling in news streams.
  • Fixed an issue with the splashscreen loading animation on Android phones.
  • Fixed an issue with images in news microblog posts not being displayed after submitting the post.
  • Fixed an issue with only displaying the oldest 25 comments on Confluence pages.
  • Fixed an issue with scaling images in the microblog.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying a wrong 'last edited' date for microblog posts.


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