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App Release 0.8.0


This release adds end-to-end-encryption for all communication between Linchpin Mobile Smartphone App and Linchpin Mobile Confluence App, improves stability of login and //SEIBERT/MEDIA Firescope gateway service.




  • Added end-to-end-encryption for communication between Linchpin Mobile Smartphone App and Linchpin Mobile Confluence App.
  • When posting a new comment on a Confluence page this comment is now displayed immediately to the user after creation.


  • Fixed an issue with accessibility of the main menu while in system selection.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented @-Mentions from working as intended in the Microblog.
  • Fixed an issue with Confluence search: It is now possible to perform multiple searches without having to restart the app.
  • Fixed multiple issues with text input fields not behaving as they should.
  • Fixed multiple bugs when connecting to a Confluence instance via //SEIBERT/MEDIA Firescope gateway service.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented user from submitting a new microblog post if Confluence's gZip compression is disabled.


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