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App Release 0.7.0


This release adds compatibility to Linchpin Mobile app for connecting to Confluence instances via //SEIBERT/MEDIA Firescope gateway service and fixes several bugs.




  • Added a visual indicator while the app is loading or processing data
  • Added support for autocomplete and word suggestion system features
  • Added option to remove previously added Confluence instances
  • Added user name to system overview for each added Confluence instance
  • Added support for //SEIBERT/MEDIA Firescope gateway service


  • Fixed text selection when creating new microblog posts, news comments or page comments
  • Multiple UI fixes in microblog and search section
  • Fixed support for headline formatting
  • Fixed creation date for news posts and news comments
  • Fixed display name for some user profile sections


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This content was last updated on 08/31/2017.

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