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Release Notes 1.3.3

Bugfix release

  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper use of Linchpin Assistant with Internet Explorer 11

Release Notes 1.3.2

Hotfix release

  • Fixed a critical bug (introduced in 1.3.0) that broke the Linchpin Assistant in Internet Explorer 11

Release Notes 1.3.1

Hotfix release

  • Using expiry dates in Linchpin Assistant notices could lead to hanging instances when the expiry dates were reached. This has been fixed.

Release Notes 1.3

New possibilities for Onboarding, Assistant and Translations

Linchpin Onboarding

  • New users can be offered spaces to subscribe to for their personal news feeds during the onboarding process (requires Linchpin Enterprise News 2.8 or later)

Linchpin Assistant

  • Actively offer news channels for subscription to existing users in a notice pop-up (requires Linchpin Enterprise News 2.8 or later)
  • Each notice can be scheduled to only be shown once for each user instead of repeatedly
  • Each notice can now have a start and expiry date, so you can prepare notices in advance and don't forget disabling them when they lose relevance

For both features we will expand the possibilities in the future, e.g., make suggestions for content or events based on profile fields, etc.

Linchpin Translations

  • New feature: Translate Confluence, apps, and even several field values into languages you need. 

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via Let's build a great product together! 


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