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Translate or change the wording of the Confluence user interface

With Linchpin Translations you can translate the Confluence interface, apps and many field values into the languages you need.

Access Linchpin Translation by clicking on "Translate language pack" within the sidebar of the Confluence administration.

If you want to create a new translation pack, click on "..." and select "New project".

Translate a language key

Add the specific language key for the field or UI component. For example net.seibertmedia.microblog.headline. Click on "Locales" to define the languages available to your user and add the corresponding translations.

Don't forget to click on "Save". To apply your changes to the instance, click on "Install".

Please notice, that after installing there will be a new language pack within the "Manage apps" section in the Confluence administration.

Retrieving keys for translation

If you like to learn more about how to retrieve the keys for translation, please read How can I get the key to translate apps with Linchpin Translations? in our knowledge base.

Translating within Linchpin apps

With Linchpin Translations you can use in-app translations, e.g. for Linchpin Launchpad or Terms of Use.

Please visit the specific app documentations to learn how to translate Linchpin apps easily.

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