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Linchpin Manager - Documentation

Your switchboard for Linchpin apps - for overview, personalization and control

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Remind users to fill their profiles and make suggestions for interesting content

Linchpin Assistant is a tool that comes with your Linchpin Manager. You can use it to set up dialogs that will be shown to your users. The goals for this can vary. For example, if you are using the personalization features of Linchpin and they rely on certain profile fields to be filled out, you'll want to remind your users. Also, a filled out profile helps employees to search for colleagues and to better connect with each other. For the future we also plan to offer a wider variety of reminders, recommendations and the like that all can be controlled via the Linchpin Assistant.

Linchpin Assistant is designed to work together with other Linchpin Apps. Linchpin User Profiles is one of those Apps. If you have Linchpin User Profiles version 2.13 or higher, your Linchpin Assistant can deliver a reminder to fill out profile fields. In a future version, Linchpin Enterprise News will bring a module for Linchpin Assistant as well: you will be able to announce new and important news channels to your users via a dialog and they can subscribe to those channels for their personal news subscriptions.

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