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Linchpin Events - Release 2.0

Create meeting pages with ease and let users RSVP with one click

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2.0 Release Notes

Linchpin Events 2.0 (former EasyEvents RSVP) takes event management within Confluence to a whole new level. You can now explore your events with the all-new central event hub, events are now even displayed on the go - with Linchpin Mobile, and the heavily improved workflow for embedding and managing events within Confluence pages makes it even easier and more fun to use.


  • Central event hub to create, explore, and manage all events.
  • Live preview of how the event macro will appear when you create and edit events.
  • Events are now independent of Confluence pages giving you more freedom and options to create, embed and link events.
  • When embedding an event into a Confluence page you no longer embed the actual event but only a reference. This means you can integrate the same event into multiple pages without any trouble.
  • The new event popup shows all event-related information, wherever you are in Confluence and without having to leave your current workspace.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • When copying a Confluence page you now only copy an event reference - not the whole event. This prevents any errors that may occur while copying and also when you work with event duplicates.

Known issues / Soon-to-come features

Since for Linchpin Events 2.0 we almost completely rebuilt EasyEvents RSVP from scratch there are some little flaws / some features still missing that will be fixed / added in a soon-to-come release. These include the following:

  • When there's no valid license found for Linchpin Events it might not be possible to access any event-related content.
  • Pressing the 'Escape' key while creating a new event from within an event macro embedded in a Confluence page closes the macro browser.
  • Accessing event details from the event calendar macro opens up a new browser window.
  • Some improvements to-come when entering event date and time.

There's a feature missing in the list that would increase the product's value for your company? Let us know about it - simply visit our feedback board for Linchpin Events and create a feature request, vote for existing posts, or discuss your ideas with other customers (Lächeln)


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