Important when upgrading: We have removed the deprecated News Teaser macro with version 2.21. If you still need to migrate old macros, do so (using the link "News-Teaser migration" in the administration) before upgrading to version 2.21 or newer.

We are willing to continuously improve Linchpin Enterprise News based on how it is actually used. To be able to do so, we implemented a way to measure anonymous usage information and published it in version 2.11.

You can find further information as well as all details on this page.

Please share your own ideas and help us prioritize:

On this page


Feature release

New features

  • You can now use images attached to other Confluence pages as news teaser image.
  • As a user you can now read Mandatory News an hour or a day later.


  • We also improved compatibility with assistive technologies.


Bugfix release

  • We stabilized the label search when configuring the Corporate News Feed macro.
  • The kicker line went astray and took shelter in the news text excerpt. We convinced it to only appear above the title.


Bugfix release

  • In some cases the lead paragraph and metadata for news were displayed overlapping. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug with date validation in the news metadata.
  • We fixed a visually broken select field when selecting spaces for Mandatory News.
  • Kicker lines were missing for Mandatory News. Not anymore.
  • We updated the log levels of several log messages.


Bugfix release


  • We improved compatibility with the app Comala Document Management.


  • We fixed an error regarding the "Create news" dialog.
  • We fixed the default teaser image upload in Confluence 8 and later.

Bugfix release



Bugfix release


  • We ensured compatibility with the app Linchpin Touch 1.9.2 that fixed a bug where subscribe-to-news was not visible in the Linchpin Touch-sidebar.
  • We fixed an error regarding the timepicker in the News-Digest-Configuration. The timepicker was broken when the Blueprint-Creator plugin was installed.


Bugfix release


  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.


Confluence 8 compatibility


  • We ensured that Linchpin Enterprise News is compatible with Confluence 8.


  • We removed the possibility to migrate news metadata and teaser data added via the obsolete "news-teaser" macro. This macro had been removed in 2018.


Patch release

  • We improved screen reader compatibility for filters in the News Hub.
  • We improved screen reader compatibility for empty states of news macros and the News Hub.


Patch release

  • We changed the user interface to be gender neutral in the German version.


Patch release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.2.


Patch release

  • When a new workflow space is created, a current space admin of the original space is set as creator of the workflow space, not the creator of the original space. This prevents potential permission issues.
  • Kicker and lead paragraph of news were not positioned correctly in the preview. This has been fixed.
  • We improved screenreader compatibility.


Default news teaser image per space and screen reader improvements

New features

  • We added the ability to set a default news teaser image per space. Previously, you could only set a global default teaser image.
  • We improved the screen reader compatibility of "subscribe to news" buttons, "read more" links in news tiles and the Cover Stories slide navigation.


  • News feed macros configured to show zero posts will now show five posts to prevent errors in Confluence mobile view.

Reminder: This release does not support Internet Explorer 11 anymore.


Patch release

  • We fixed a problem with Comala Publishing and teaser images where teaser images disappeared under certain circumstances.


Date range filter in the workflow overview and accessibility improvements

New features

  • We added a date range filter to the workflow overview which allows for more specific search results and performance improvements.
  • We improved the ability to navigate by keyboard (using Tab + Enter) and refined which elements are tabbable in the news hub and all news macros. The prerequisite for this is Confluence 7.17 or later.
  • News published using Comalatech Publishing 2.15.6 or later will now keep their teaser and metadata.


  • Spaces containing news can now be successfully deleted.
  • Sending news to MS Teams does not fail anymore when the teaser image is too large.
  • We fixed a bug which prevented users from subscribing to more recent spaces if default and obligatory subscriptions were identical.
  • News categories are now always sorted alphabetically.
  • We improved the reliability of news push notifications in Linchpin Mobile.

Reminder: This release does not support Internet Explorer 11 anymore.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the styling of the default teaser image configuration.
  • We fixed the shortening of long titles using ellipsis for news tiles.


Reach out to employees who use MS Teams

New feature

  • Information about newly published news can be published into MS Teams channels to reach more employees


  • We fixed News Magazines that should display news without any label
  • We improved support for the app Collapsible Admin Menu
  • When choosing a large news teaser image, selecting a no-crop area works more reliably now
  • Teaser images are not broken anymore after scheduled news get published on some Confluence versions
  • We increased the timeout for loading RSS feeds in the web feed macro
  • We fixed some news not being displayed in the news feed macros

Reminder: This release does not support Internet Explorer 11 anymore.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed the display and pagination of the Corporate News Feed macro.
  • The news sent to MS Teams channels had a wrong encoding. Not anymore.
  • When no news sections or categories exist, those news source options in the Corporate News Feed macro are disabled now.


Patch release

  • We introduced a new option to the news subscription overlay to only show subscribed spaces that have the configured space categories.
  • We fixed the CDN (content delivery network) support for Confluence Data Center.


Completely new news subscription UI and fixes

New feature

  • We have completely renewed the news subscription UI to be much more usable. You can filter your news subscriptions by entering search terms, filter spaces by their default language (in combination with Language Manager 2.2.0) and get detailed information about the subscribable space (e.g., date of the newest blog post, number of blog posts, preview of news feed). This new interface is available in all the useful places in Linchpin Enterprise News as well as in Onboarding and Pings.


  • We fixed a bug where the creation of a blog post failed due to indexing problems.
  • We fixed a bug when displaying news categories in the compact mode of the news feed macros.


Bugfix release

  • We fixed space category restrictions in the "Subscribe to spaces" macro, especially when the space categories contained dashes.
  • We have repaired the sticky news pin icon in the Cover Stories macro when using the classic tile design.


Bugfix release

  • Fix jumping position in news subscription overlay.
  • Fix restrictions after publishing if manually group view permissions set and workflow is involved.


Hotfix release

  • We fixed an error when the same users have been configured as editors and authors for a space.
  • We fixed some errors with wrong restrictions after publishing news in a space with editors.


Bugfix release

  • When using the "Subscribe to spaces" macro, the configured space categories are now respected when showing the subscribed spaces .
  • Fixed manually moved blog posts sometimes breaking news macros.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes wrongly removes manually set permissions for groups when workflow space is involved.
  • Removed error message from Content Responsibility macro in news excerpts.


New workflow role "author"

New features & improvements

  • Added workflow role "author" who can edit news that are scheduled for publication or approval
  • Confluence 7.12 compatibility


Internal release


Improvement release

  • We noticeably reduced the size of our frontend resources, improving page load times.
  • We also reduced the size of loaded data and the performance of the news feed macros.
  • The frontend performance of the News hub and the Cover Stories macro has been improved.
  • You should now see less problems when using news teaser images in non-standard formats.
  • We fixed an XSS vulnerability that could only be exploited by admins or news magazine editors.


Improvement release

  • We added the new Linchpin branding
  • We reduced the size of loaded data and the performance of the "Cover Stories" macro, news magazine and news portal (as we did for the other macros in the last release)
  • We improved the performance of the "Spaces by category" macro


Bugfix / Improvement release

  • We fixed the behaviour of manually set permissions if a workflow is involved.
  • We tweaked some cache settings to improve the performance of all news related features.


Bugfix / Improvement release

  • We fixed a XSS vulnerability that could be exploited through specific space titles (see Vulnerability Notification for more details).
  • We secured an API endpoint which would have allowed unauthorized users to subscribe to restricted spaces.


Better space categories support, respect Confluence URL allowlist in web feeds

New features & improvements

  • Use the new "spaces by categories" News Hub filter to let your users filter news by spaces that have a given category.
  • Restrict the spaces available for subscription in the News Hub by categories.
  • The "Web Feed" macro in URL mode now only allows URLs that are in the Confluence allowlist (if it is activated).
  • In version 2.12, we introduced large caches for news feed results. They were very ineffective and did more harm than good, so we replaced them by more granular caching.
  • The "Create news" button in the News Hub is only visible when you can create news.


  • Anonymous users can now submit news for approval if permitted.
  • The "Spaces by category" macro doesn't eat dashes in space descriptions anymore.
  • News intro texts can now contain "<" and ">".

2.15.2 Security release

2.15.3 Patch release

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Bitvoodoo's "Navitabs" and AppAnvil's "Aura"
  • Added workflow role "author" who can edit news that are scheduled for publication or approval

2.15.4 Patch release

  • We fixed some instances where news categories and space name were shown in wrong places, like page property reports.
  • YouTube news teaser videos will now only show related videos from the same channel.
  • Improved CDN support and resource batching

2.15.5 Security release


News magazine and other improvements

New features & improvements

  • Link image modules in your news magazines with internal or external content


  • News teaser images will now always be upright, no matter which way you held your camera
  • We improved the color differences between the states of the like icons in Corporate and Personal News Feed. Never misclick again 



  • We have ensured compatibility with the current Confluence release 7.10
    PLEASE NOTE: To prevent failing updates, please ensure that you have at least version 1.4 of Linchpin Enterprise News installed. If not, first update to 1.4 and then further. 
  • We fixed security issues that were reported to us via Atlassian's Bug Bounty program


News workflow and magazines improvements

New features & improvements

  • News editors can now reject news items that have been submitted for approval. The author is notified about the reasons.
  • Authors can now revise news that have been scheduled or submitted for approval. Previously, they could not edit those posts.
  • You can now beautify your news magazines by including logos or other images.
  • Using the upcoming version 3.1.0 of Blueprint Creator, you can set a publication date, select a teaser image or choose news categories in blog post blueprints.


  • News that are scheduled and still wait for publication had (under certain circumstances) a bad habit of sending out notifications, claiming they were published when they weren't. This shouldn't happen anymore.
    Exception: Admins and news editors might still receive those notifications.


  • We have fixed a bug in the Web Feed macro that potentially allowed denial of service attacks with manipulated feeds (see detailed information on this page).
  • We have also fixed a bug that occurred in very rare cases when creating news or configuring news editors.


  • We fixed a critical security issue (details see version 2.14.2)


New Cover Stories layouts & performance improvements

New features & improvements

  • The Cover Stories macro now has two new one-row layouts.
  • We have increased the performance and reduced server load by limiting news macros to display a maximum of 100 news posts at a time and introducing caching for news posts. We recommend increasing the available heap space.
  • We added keywords to let your users find our macros more easily.
  • Small UI fixes.


  • News could not be displayed for users whose user names contained underscores "_" or when using labels containing underscores. This has been fixed.


  • We made some changes to prevent wrong permission settings in magazine management. These changes bypass a faulty Confluence API that leads to broken global permissions.


  • Changing news subscriptions in the Cover Stories macro will now correctly load the updated news feed.
  • Reloading the Corporate News Feed macro preview does not reload the page anymore.


  • Instead of displaying news, a blank page was displayed on mobile devices with Confluence 7+. This has been fixed.


  • We fixed a critical security issue (details see version 2.14.2)


Viewtracker and Linchpin Translations connectivity, anonymous usage measurement for news teaser, UI improvements, bugfixes

New features & improvements

  • Our news macros and hub look more friendly when there are no news to display.

  • When using Bitvoodoo's view tracker 5.7.0 or later, unread news in our news macros and hub are marked.

  • Directly access news categories from the news hub sidebar.

  • News excerpts in Linchpin Mobile push notifications don't contain macro code anymore.

  • News categories are now compatible with Linchpin Translations which is included in the Linchpin Suite and allows translation of news category names.

  • Added measurement of anonymous usage information of news teaser (see detailed information on this page).


  • Mandatory news now work correctly with scheduled or approved news.
  • Web/RSS feeds that expect a user agent can now be loaded.
  • Some optical fixes
  • Also, we have introduced the famous bug ENB-4242. Luckily, it has already been fixed since version 2.1.0 (and still is). (wink)

2.11.1 & 2.11.2

Internal releases


  • We have restored IE11 compatibility (was broken in 2.11.0).
  • The news subscription module for Linchpin Assistant and Linchpin Onboarding now works correctly (was broken in 2.11.0).
  • You can now save the personalization for obligatory news subscriptions again.
  • Images with very long filenames can now be used as news teasers.


  • We fixed the "Unable to resolve owner of loading collection" error that could occur when using the news hub or news macros.


  • The news subscription module for the Linchpin Assistant now shows readable text in the tooltips.
  • "News feed" macros now work correctly when used together with Bitvoodoo's Navitabs.
  • Since version 2.11.0, unread news have markers when Bitvoodoo's Viewtracker is used. Those markers don't appear above the Linchpin menu drop-downs anymore.


  • Compatibility release for Confluence 7.5


  • We fixed a critical security issue (details see version 2.14.2)


News Magazines, new design options, Confluence 7 compatible.

New features

  • Aggregate thematically related news from all over your Confluence to create dedicated news magazines, flexible and visually attractive. Please reindex your system for all changes to take full effect!
  • Thanks to a new scroll navigation for the news feed macros, these macros won't get longer and longer anymore when browsing through previous news, so layouts with news feed macros won't break. 
  • Refresh the look of your Linchpin and display news tiles in Cover Stories and the News Hub in a new and modern full-image design.
  • Linchpin Enterprise News is now compatible with Confluence 7. 


  • Configuration changes concerning news sections, news categories, magazines and the news portal are documented using the Confluence audit log.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper use of news magazines for users with Internet Explorer 11 and Confluence lower than 6.7.


  • Fixed a bug that broke the compact layout of Corporate News Feed and Personal News Feed.


  • When changing news design variations, you no longer need to clear a static content webserver cache.
  • When using the "full-image" design variation, the server load should return to normal levels now.


  • We have fixed an optical issue concerning the Cover Stories macro in combination with Bitvoodoo's Navitabs.


Subscriptions available in News Hub, permission-based sticky news and mobile macro support.

New features

  • Let your users show and manage their news subscriptions right in the news hub. You don't need to have a Personal News Feed macro for that anymore.
  • Define in which spaces the sticky news feature is available – and who can use it. No more clogging of news feeds because everyone makes their news stick to the top.
  • With some custom CSS, you can show the date a blog post has been last modified. See our admin documentation for details.


  • We have improved the display of our news macros in Linchpin Mobile and the mobile Confluence view. They now show a link to the appropriate sections.


  • XSS vulnerability for page excerpts in the macros Covers Stories, Personal News Feed and Corporate News Feed
  • XSS vulnerability for video URLs in video news teasers
  • XSS vulnerabilities for page title and space name in news scheduling overview
  • Corporate news feed in mobile view now has a "show older news" button.
  • The news scheduling overview can now filter space names with special characters like "(".
  • News post links from the Cover Stories are opened in the same tab again.


Keep subscriptions up to date with the new Linchpin Manager support.

New features

  • Linchpin Assistant and Linchpin Onboarding (which are parts of Linchpin Manager, see are now fully supported: Let your users subscribe to news channels right in the onboarding process. Or offer them new spaces for subscription later on.
  • We added support for Confluence's Data Center Read Only Mode and improved support for anonymous access. 
  • Last but not least we added space filtering to the news scheduling overview.


  • We improved the handling of publishing dates for unpublished news
  • We fixed broken sidebar and footer in case of anonymous access to the news hub
  • Changes in news categories are accepted immediately in macro outputs


Please welcome our News Hub!

New features

  • The News Hub

    The news hub takes the place of our news center and inherits all its features. Additionally, you can easily create news directly from the hub and configure which information you want to show in the list view of your news. We have many ideas to further enhance the news hub, for example bringing your personal news subscriptions there. 


  • You can now delete spaces that have scheduled news (i.e., a corresponding "Linchpin Enterprise News workflow space" exists).


Mostly a release of bugfixes and improvements.

New features

  • Configure the default duration for sticky news.
  • Default subscriptions can now be personalized (in combination with Linchpin Manager).


  • News tiles now fall back to "title on color" if a teaser image goes missing.
  • News tiles in Cover Stories and News Center now behave identically on hover.


  • When clicking a space name in a news macro, the overlay now shows news from spaces with a key like "0001".
  • The Web Feeds macro now shows the date of entries.
  • The Cover Stories don't jump erratically between slides anymore, and they now appear reliably within NaviTabs.
  • Fixed a stubborn tool tip that refused to go away.
  • Admins can now assign permissions for mandatory news again.
  • Fixed news teaser images not showing after uploading.
  • The kicker line is now included again when exporting news to pdf.

Known issues

  • In rare cases, Internet Explorer 10 doesn't work properly with manual settings for news teaser images.
  • When a user subscribed all blog posts in her email settings, the user will receive a mention immediately after a blog post is created even if the blog post has not been approved.
  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink)).
  • There is a compatibility issue with the Brikit Theme. This shows when modifying a blog post and results in lost teaser settings.


  • We have fixed a text eating bug.


  • Data Center approved release.


  • Established compatibility with Confluence 6.14.
  • Fixed a bug concerning mobile view and login screen which resulted in a separate login pop-up.


We improved Linchpin Enterprise News and fixed some bugs.


  • A whole bunch of smaller design adjustments that make for a better user experience and a modern look.
  • Intro text can now be up to 1.000 characters long.
  • Error message when choosing a non-supported video or image format as news teaser.
  • Scaled news teaser images cannot be deleted accidentally anymore.
  • Support for the kicker line in our app Mail Page.
  • Support for push notifications in Linchpin Mobile.


  • Fixed an annoying bug that ate configuration options in the Corporate News Feed
  • Web Feeds macro now supports RSS feeds that don't have a date in all their entries

Known issues

  • In rare cases, Internet Explorer 10 doesn't work properly with manual settings for news teaser images
  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink))


  • Fixed a bug that prevented upload of teaser images whenever synchrony wasn't active.


  • You can now choose a news teaser image with a filename containing "&".
  • Non-responding web feeds now have a timeout to avoid blocking the system.


  • Fixed a bug concerning the correct display of Cover Stories when used in Navi Tabs.


  • We have improved the last Cover Stories bug fix, to make it even better.


Performance and usability release.

New features

  • A new look and vastly better usability for the news scheduling overview.
  • Admins can now allow users or user groups to view subscription statistics.
  • Obligatory subscriptions can now be personalized if app is part of a complete Linchpin suite.


  • Clicking on space or category labels in the News Center now opens the usual overlay.
  • Significant performance improvements for all news macros.
  • There can be unlimited web feed groups now.


  • „&“ characters in the intro text now show up correctly in excerpts.
  • Fixed a bug showing English month names although language was set to German.
  • Very long labels now break if there’s not enough space in News Center filters.
  • Fixed a bug producing ugly pdfs when exporting news.
  • Fixed a bug not recognizing some video URLs when used as news teaser.

Known issues

  • In rare cases, Internet Explorer 10 doesn't work properly with manual settings for news teaser images.
  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink)).


  • Confluence 6.10 compatibility.
  • When editing a blog post, the news categories are no longer forgotten.
  • News scheduled for the exact same time should now be published reliably.
  • Prevented excerpt cache exception when upgrading the app.
  • The default teaser image now works correctly again without manually clearing the teaser data cache.
  • Clicking a news category in the News Center now shows the correct news in the overlay.
  • Small layout improvements (white background for news items in our macros, non-overlapping news subscription button in Cover Stories).


  • Fixed a bug that occurred on Oracle 12g databases.


  • You can now subscribe to spaces with numerical space keys like "0001" in the macros Personal News Feed and Cover Stories.


New name and usability improvements for news authors.

New features

  • New app name: Linchpin Enterprise News.
  • Usability improvement: We got rid of the News Teaser macro, all news teaser information is now located in the "additional information" area.
  • Upload a teaser image while editing teaser information and have a preview.
  • Much anticipated: Prevent cropping of important image elements by overriding the automatic.
  • Introducing obligatory spaces: Add certain spaces to users' personal subscriptions.


  • Improved colors and alignments in configuration interfaces and in the preview.
  • Title and kicker line will now be displayed fully on news tiles on hover.
  • Marked scaled down news teaser images with the label "len-teaser" so you can exclude them from gallery macros.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with NaviTabs.
  • Intro texts now show up in feeds and on news tiles even when there’s an HTML macro in the content.

Known issues

  • In rare cases, Internet Explorer 10 doesn't work properly with manual settings for news teaser images.
  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink)).


  • Preview for teaser images now changes correctly when using another image with the same file name.
  • Changed loading behavior for video teasers in Cover Stories and News Center to improve performance.
  • News authors will now be informed when news teaser image processing might take a while.


Time zone support, News Center and improvements for Personal News.

New features

  • News Center: All the news – searchable and filterable.
  • Display personal subscriptions as attractive news tiles within the Cover Stories.
  • Default subscriptions: Let new users start with a filled Personal News Feed they can adjust later.
  • Time zone support: See every date in your time, no matter where you or the server are located.
  • Show news categories in the compact view of news feeds.


  • News are now reliably published even after a Confluence restart.
  • Fixed a bug that ate umlauts at the beginning of intro texts.
  • Fixed publication date handling when editing news.
  • Removed stubborn behavior of news teaser images when deleting and re-uploading an image.


  • Even better support for Confluence 6.7.
  • Improved the usability for certain non-humanoid life forms on Sqornshellous Zeta.

Known issues

  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink)).


  • Fixed some minor optical problems occurring with Confluence 6.7 and 6.8.
  • Stopped blog posts from reloading the page when editing labels under certain circumstances.


  • Improved the performance of the news section configuration.
  • Improved Data Center compatibility.
  • Fixed the bug that no posts could be created with the same title as a page in the same space.


Define which information is shown in the news feed. Furthermore, optical improvements were made.

New features

  • Define which information (author, date, space, categories, likes/comments, excerpt) to show in the news feed macros.
  • Give the second Cover Stories row in the 4+2 layout a different height.
  • Choose to switch between the Cover Stories slides automatically.

Enhancements & fixes

  • Better image quality in our news macros.
  • We now always use the date format defined in the Confluence settings.
  • Text in news feed macros can now be selected.
  • Only one click is needed to play videos in the Cover Stories.
  • Also, fixes for several bugs found their way into the new version, including the nasty error ENB-4242 that we will introduce in the future.

Known issues

  • Blog post preview doesn't show all elements for anonymous users (but honestly, who grants editing permission for news to anonymous users? (wink)).


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed the author's name in news feeds although it was set to be hidden

  • .Fixed several issues with missing or double meta information lines when using the blog posts macro.

  • Fixed a bug in the Personal News Feed macro that caused it to lose configuration options.

  • Fixed a caching issue with MySQL databases.

  • Fixed an issue concerning the web feed sections that made the user unable to save after deleting a section.


  • Internal release


  • Internal release


  • Now the Enterprise News Bundle won't forget to schedule news publication or expiry after a Confluence restart / server downtime anymore.

  • When a publish date is given, it will now reliably be used and shown as creation date.
  • Kicker lines and intro texts are now shown when viewing blogposts on mobile devices.
  • Also, a configured default news teaser image will be respected in mobile news feeds.


  • Compatibility with Confluence 6.7 was introduced.


News now look even more like news. Furthermore, changes to news personalization have been made.

Major changes

  • News personalization is now dependent on the additional Linchpin Manager app.

New features

  • Added an intro text (lead paragraph) for news.
  • Added an option to hide the author’s name.


  • Redesigned News items (blog posts).
  • Redesigned Corporate and Personal News Feed macros.
  • Improved Cover Stories compatibility to various third party apps using tabs.
  • No more automatic cropping if your image matches the aspect ratio needed.


  • Fixed several caching issues.
  • Page history for scheduled news now shows correct dates of changes.
  • Fixed a CSS glitch with latest Chrome version.
  • Again forced the Web Feed macro to respect the „open in new window option“.
  • Fixed a bunch of small UI glitches.


Enabled compatibility for Confluence Data Center.

New features

  • This plugin is now Data Center compatible.


  • Added support for YouTube short links ( in News Teaser macro.
  • When configuring a Corporate News Feed or Cover Stories macro you can now use several news sections instead of only one.


  • Ensured the configured default news teaser image is always used if the News Teaser macro is removed from a blog post.
  • Made sure notifications are sent when a scheduled blog post is published.


  • Fixed doubling of news items in certain cases when using Enterprise News Bundle in combination with Linchpin Touch.
  • Fixed an issue with Cover Stories interfering with a sticky header.
  • We corrected some colors.
  • Added line breaks for all long names used in any multi select fields within our macros and configurations.
  • Made Cover Stories show up correctly when used in combination with the Navitabs add-on.
  • Fixed an issue that locked the additional info area while editing a blog post in concurrent editing mode.


  • Likes and/or comments are now reliably shown on hover in Cover Stories macro.
  • Button label for publishing/scheduling blog posts has been fixed in Confluence 6.
  • Prevented unnecessary scroll bars in ENB macros when using RefinedToolkit UI tabs.
  • Added button to show older news in mobile personal news view.


Redesigned Cover Stories, improved functionality and a massive performance boost.

New features

  • Cover Stories have been redesigned from the ground up. They are now more beautiful, faster to load, and more responsive.
  • Features include:
    • configurable carousel-style sliders
    • additional layout option of one singular tile
    • choose which post metadata to show or hide


  • Tweaked performance of all ENB macros. Includes viewing Corporate News Feeds and Personal News Feeds.
  • Videos will now open in an overlay when clicking on a video news teaser.
  • Scheduled posts will now respect space permission changes.

General changes

  • The "Share" button has been removed in all ENB macros.


  • Clicking on "Comment" will lead to the first comment instead of trying to comment when the users does not have commenting privileges.
  • Fixed various issues with image scaling, invalid users, and macro previews.

Known issues

  • This update may not activate while Custom User Profile in versions older than 1.17.2 is active. Please update CUP and try again.


  • If a whole row of tiles in a Cover Stories macro delivers no results, there won't be blank tiles anymore
  • Fixed the comment count in Cover Stories and News Feed macros, ignoring resolved inline comments
  • Fixed a bug with our caching that in certain cases led to excerpts in a wrong language
  • Fixed some typos in our news feed macros


  • The news teaser macro now recognizes YouTube shortlinks as well.
  • We convinced the comment links in our news macros to be active again (they went on strike in version 1.5.1).
  • In our macros, we now use Soy templates instead of Velocity templates, potentially fixing some Velocity related errors and reducing necessary maintenance work.
  • We suppressed the notifications about "scaled news teaser image" attachments.
  • Videos within tiles and overlays will now be resized to fit their containers.


Introducing Clickable News Categories, a new way to sift through news and quickly navigate topics.

New features

  • Use news categories to organize topics. They are more expressive than Confluence's labels and may contain special characters.
  • Configure all the macros you already know and love to show news from specific categories.
  • Admins govern available categories, authors select the suitable ones for their news macros.
  • Click on news categories wherever they appear and an overlay containing a news feed of just that category will open.


  • News Teaser images will now be scaled and cropped automagically to make them look good, no matter what the original size and aspect ratio was.
  • The Cover Stories macro will now never display a news entry twice, even if it comes from a different news source or configuration.
  • The comment icon will not display if the viewing user doesn't have commenting permissions.
  • Added automatic scaling to user and group selection box when selecting approval workflow editors.
  • Moved help text in approval workflow editor selection screen to accommodate extremely narrow browsers and bring it more in line with our other help texts.
  • Each newly created news post now triggers its own notification in Confluence's notification inbox.


  • Closing the blog post editor will now return to Confluence's dashboard instead of that blog post.
  • Renaming news sections will no longer change macro configurations.
  • Fixed various small bugs concerning Confluence preview functionality in conjunction with our news macros.

Known issues

  • Due to how Confluence's search works our news feed macros only work reliably when displaying less than 500 blog posts at a time. 

Please note: This release will be the last one supporting Internet Explorer 9.


We made the Enterprise News Bundle fully compatible with Confluence 6.x.

New features

  • When you edit your news as a team with Synchrony turned on („concurrent editing“), the additional data will be synchronized, too.
  • Work with Synchrony and still use our built in approval workflow.
  • We made sure Synchrony and Enterprise News Bundle work together nicely - in each of at least 30 possible combinations.

Bugfixes & improvements

  • News items that use the news teaser type „quote“ now have a link to their fulltext view in Corporate and Personal News Feeds.
  • We adapted the mobile view to show kicker line and sticky status.
  • We fixed a bug that cropped pictures instead of scaling them when a news feed was placed inside a tab.
  • We fixed another bug concerning the sharing of news within the Cover Stories macro.
  • Another bug was fixed that occurred under Confluence 5.8.x and prevented publication of news without having opened the additional information tab at least once.
  • And finally we fixed a bug that made the „read more“ link in news feeds disappear after resizing the browser window.

This was a hard one. The pest exterminator clearly deserves some cake.


Choose news sources more flexibly and mark news as sticky to keep them visible.

New features

  • You can now configure news sources more flexibly than ever before: Select zero or more spaces and/or zero or more labels to choose the blog posts to be displayed in our news macros.
  • Mark blog posts as "sticky" to keep them above regular posts within the Corporate and Personal News Feed macros, regardless of their publish date.
  • Define the date when a blog post will lose this "sticky" status, so you won't have to clean up your feeds manually.
  • Add a kicker line to blog posts to classify your news thematically. The kicker will be shown near the title in our news macros.

Bugfixes & improvements  

  • Our news macros now show a "read more" link in addition to the clickable title.
  • The user interface to define metadata such as publication and expiry dates or the new sticky status has been completely redesigned.
  • The "open in new tab" option for the web feed macro now works correctly.


Please welcome the new features to schedule and approve blog posts! 

New features

  • You can schedule blog posts to be published at some point in the future (or backdate them).
  • You can schedule blog posts to expire at some point in the future.
  • You can define and view aggregated groups of web feeds (Atom / RSS).
  • Additional design option for Personal and Corporate News Feed macros for a compact appearance
  • As a space admin, you can define a group of editors that need to approve new blog posts in this space - they will be notified when a user creates a new blog post waiting for approval.
  • As a Confluence admin, you can see basic usage statistics about the Personal News Feed. 

Special notes

  • No unicorns were harmed while creating this plugin version.


  • The Corporate News Feed, Cover Stories and Web Feeds macros are now available for anonymous users.


  • The Corporate News Feed, Cover Stories and Web Feeds macros are now REALLY available for anonymous users.


Initial Release. Share your company's news with your employees.

This page was last edited on 02/15/2024.