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Linchpin Enterprise News

Share your company's news with your employees

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General concept

If you use either an approval workflow or the publish-by-date functionality of Linchpin Enterprise News, you'll end up having news waiting for publication. The news scheduling overview lets you access those. 

Where to find the news scheduling overview


Within your user menu, usually located on the top right, depending on your theme, you'll find an entry "News scheduling overview". Click on it to access the overview.

This menu entry is visible to all users, no matter if they wrote news before or not. The news shown in the overview will of course respect permissions. Each user will only see what they are supposed to see.


Filtering news in the overview


The Overview consists of a table of entries. If there's a lot of news items, you'll be able to page through them and set the amount of news shown on one page to your liking. Also, you can sort them by each column, simply click on the column's header.

Most importantly you can filter the news. There's two filter options on top of the table. The status filter initially is set to only show scheduled news or those pending approval. You can change this filter if you like to see which news had been scheduled but now are on status published, or which news have already reached their expiry date and have the status expired.

All these settings will be stored for you, so if you visit the overview a second time, everything will be like you left it - as long as you don't flush your browser's cache.

The input field on the top left is a combined search and filter field. Enter whatever you are looking for, and the table will filter down to show only those entries matching your criteria. You could for example enter an authors name, a space name, a date etc. Probably it will be mostly used to search for keywords contained in the title, when people want to check on the status of a specific news item.

Time zone support

Wherever there's a date or a date and time, Linchpin Enterprise News will show it to you in your time zone. To find out, in which time zone you are located, we look at the settings in your browser, which in turn takes the info from the settings on your computer.

There is a separate setting in your confluence user profile settings for the time zone. If this setting differs from the time zone you have set on your computer, we will ignore the Confluence setting and go with your computer setting. We do that, because we know from experience that most people don't even know about this Confluence setting, let alone set it to the correct value. We assume that most people will have the time set to the correct time zone on their computers though.

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