• JIRA Version 6.4.6
  • JIRA Service Desk Version 2.5.0 (Older Service Desk Versions are officially not supported)
  • Applications in JIRA linked to a Confluence (Application Links User Guide)
  • Linked Confluence Knowledge Base in the Service Desk Project (JIRA Service Desk can be linked with Confluence 5.6 or newer) Integrating JIRA Service Desk with Confluence
  • The linked Confluence has to allow for anonymous read access to the Knowledge Base Space


  • The Knowledge Base Custom Field for Service Desk is a user defined field, which can be used in JIRA issues. JIRA Service Desk is required.
  • A Confluence Knowledge Base (a Confluence Space) can be searched for articles (pages) via this field. Search results can be presented as a list in the Knowledge Base Custom Field.
  • In addition, it is possible to display standard Knowledge Base articles independent of the search term. These articles are displayed whenever they are marked with a Confluence label as defined in the Knowledge Base Custom Field.

The following image shows the results of the search "I cannot login":

The Knowledge Base Articles that are found can be used from a Knowledge Base Custom Field in a reply to a customer. The article can be included as wiki markup link in the response field via a click. 

View Wiki markup Draft

View Wiki markup Preview


Configuration of the Knowledge Base Custom Field for Service Desk

  1. Before the Knowledge Base Custom Field can be created and configured, a Confluence instance needs to be linked (Application Links User Guide).

    If your Service Desk userbase did not have access to confluence you must enable anonymous access to the Knowledge Base Space in Confluence. 
    In Confluence the anonymous access has to be activated globally for the instance, and the Knowledge Base Space (How to give non Confluence users access to a Space). 
    Activate global anonymous access: Confluence Administration > User & Security

    Activate anonymous access for the space: Space configuration (of the Knowledge Base Space) > Rights

    If you share the same userbase between JIRA and Confluence you can configure the Application Link to use OAuth with Impersonation (OAuth security for application links). In this case you don't need to activate anonymous access in your Confluence instance.

  2. In a second step, the Service Desk Project where the Knowledge Base Custom Field is scheduled to use needs to be linked with a Confluence Knowledge Base. 

  3. After creating the user defined filed, it needs to be displayed in the screen masks of the Service Desk Project. For the field to be displayed in the issue, the screen mask of the Service Desk has to be selected. It is automatically created with the Service Desk Project ("JIRA Service Desk Screen for Project <ProjektKey>").

    In addition, the mask "To Customer - x" has to be selected for the customer response dialogue, so that the Knowledge Base articles can be used as answer or commentary. The mask can be identified via the workflow of the ServiceDesk project. Click on "Respond to Customer" in the workflow of the Service Desk Project, as illustrated in the image below.

  4. Finally the Knowledge Base Custom Field needs to be created as a custom field (search for Knowledge Base Custom Field) and afterwards configured: Administration > Issues > User Defined Fields > Name of the Knowledge Base Field > Options > Configuration

Application Link 
(required field): Configuration of the linked applications. Select the Confluence with the Knowledge Base Space.
Knowledge base spacekey (required field):
 Enter the Confluence Space Key of the Knowledge Base.
Max. number of knowledge base article results:
 The option "Edit Max. number of knowledge base article results" determines the number of search results (0 for unlimited). Standard knowledge base articles are not taken into consideration.
Standard Knowledge base Article:
 The option Edit Default Knowledgebase Article defines a Confluence Label. All knowledge base articles with this label will be displayed, independent of the search term.

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