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Issue Macro configuration


Options when adding the Issue Manager macro.

When adding the Issue Macro to a page, you have the following options

  • Create issues: Add a new issue to Jira and display it on a page
  • Search Issues: Search a Jira issue and display it on a page
  • Jira Charts: link to the standard Jira Integration chart functions

Choose Layout

Choose a layout for the created or searched issue.

Change the layout by clicking on the macro in the editor.

When adding the Issue Macro to a page, you can choose between 2 layouts

  • Compact: the macro only contains the most important information and can be inserted inline within flowing text.
  • Full width: the macro has more information and can be expanded to see the description

This can be changed later, by clicking on the macro in the page editor.

Issue links to the current page.

After adding one or many "Issue Macros" to a page, this page will be linked to the inserted issues.

Create Issues

Add a new issue to Jira and display it on a page. The "Issue Manager" plugin loads the configured masks from Jira for the chosen project.

(warning) Please note that not all custom field types are currently supported. If you need a special type, do not hesitate to contact us. You find a list of the supported field types at the bottom of the page.

Search Issues

Search a Jira issue and display it on a page. You can search by issue key, JQL or full text search.

Issue Macro view

Compact and full width layout

Difference between compact and full width layout.

As seen in the macro configuration section, there are two layouts

  • Compact (MARKETING-8): the macro only shows icon, key, description and status. Furthermore it's displayed withing flowing text
  • Full width (MARKETING-7, MARKETING-1): the macro shows additional fields, such as assignee, reporter and due date. The macro is not displayed inline and there can't be text left or right on the same line.

Macros with full width layout can expand their body to show the description.

Macros with full width layout can be expanded to show the issue description.

Form Macro configuration


Specify parameters for the form macro.

With the "Form Macro" you can add an issue creation form to any page.

You have to specify

  • a Jira project and
  • the issue type

You may also configure if an issue link should be established for newly created issues.

(warning) Currently only one Form Macro per page is allowed!

Form Macro view

This is the "Form Macro" after saving the page.

This can be used to give users the possibility to ask for help or report a bug.

Create issue from text

Select text

  • You can create an issue from text by selecting the desired text.
  • A popup will appear (inline comment, "Issue Manager create issue" and "Jira integration create issue")
  • Click on the second icon

Create issue

  • A dialog will appear
  • The selected text will be set as issue summary
  • Add additional information and click "create"

Issue inserted

The issue was created and will be shown after a page reload

The issue is inserted after the selected text

  • You'll get a message saying that the issue was successfully created
  • After reloading the page, the issue macro is shown after the previously selected text

Issue Manager button in content navigation

A fast and simple way to add an issues from every page.

The "Issue Manager" adds a button to the content navigation to create issues.

Please note that this functionality won't add a macro to the current page and will not create an issue link.

Supported field types

Supported field typesField types that are supported with limitationsField types that are not supported
  • Date Picker

  • Select List (single choice)

  • Select List (multiple choices)

  • Text Field (single line)

  • Text Field (multi-line)

  • User Picker (single user)

  • Components

  • Project Picker (single project)

  • Version Picker (single version)

  • Version Picker (multiple versions)

  • Priority

  • URL Field (URL without Highlight)

  • Number Field (without validation, incorrect values are ignored)

  • Sprint

  • Epic Link

  • Attachment

  • Linkes Issues

  • User Picker (multiple users)

  • Checkboxes

  • Date Time Picker

  • Radio Buttons

  • Select List (cascading)

  • Group Picker (single group)

  • Group Picker (multiple groups)

  • Labels

  • No labels

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