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Issue Manager for Confluence

Powerful Jira integration. Create, edit, search and display Jira issues right in Confluence

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1.3.3 Release Notes

This version is a patch release, that contains some small fixes.


  • Issue Manager Form shows undefined instead of cancel as button label
  • Fix some translation issues
  • Macro-Browser dialog does not close on click outside of dialog

1.3 Release Notes

Create issues from text and display them inline.

Important notice

  • We renamed 'CONJIRA' to 'Issue Manager for Confluence - Powerful JIRA Integration' and also adjusted its logo.


  • Create Jira tickets from confluence pages by selecting text
  • Create Jira tickets from confluence pages with the new button placed in page headline
  • Issue macro can be displayed inline


  • Redesign of the issue macro


  • Remote issues could not be created when page was not yet created
  • No labels

This content was last updated on 05/27/2020.

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