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As a user, you can interact with content in multiple ways. Here, we will show you how to comment, share or mark pages as favorites.

How to comment news

To comment on news or pages, click on the blue button with a chat icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

Type in your comment and click on the Send button in the right upper corner.

How to reply to comments

Replies work in the same way as new comments.

To reply to a microblog post or a comment, click on the Reply button in the bottom right corner of a post or comment.

Type in your reply and click on the Send button.

Please note that there are no nested comments in Linchpin Mobile. Every comment and reply will be displayed separately.

How to save pages

You can save blog posts and pages. Saved pages will be collected so you can find them easier later on.

To save a page, click on the star button ☆ in the upper right corner of the page/news.

Your page is saved when the star button becomes filled out → ★.

Saved pages and news are collected in the Pages tab.

Click on the Pages tab within your mobile navigation.

Then, click on Show all... button in the Saved for later section (marked my a star icon).

You can also find saved pages in the More section.

Click on the More button within the mobile navigation, then click on the Saved for later button.

To remove a page from your saved favorites, click once more on the star button .

Your page is removed from the saved section when the star button becomes empty → .

This content was last updated on 04/15/2020.

This content hasn't been updated in a while. That doesn't have to be a problem. Some of our pages live for years without becoming obsolete. Please click this link if you want us to update this page. Old content can be incorrect, misleading or outdated. Please get in contact with us via a form on this page, our live chat or via email with if you are in doubt, have a question, suggestion, or want changes from us.