Release Notes 2.1.0


  • Completely redesigned layout and new design of InstaPrinta Templates
  • Priority and issue type can be displayed as icon
  • Other JIRA issue fields can be used in the InstaPrinta Templates: i.e. components, solution, reporter, votes, etc...


  • Empty table field in the ticket description no longer results in an error when printing issues


  • The limit for confirmation when printing various issues was reduced to 2
  • QuickCard Dialogue will no longer be closed after printing or saving a pdf, so that the same QuickCard can be printed on another template
  • General improvements


User Guide

This is how you can use the InstaPrinta: User Guide

Administrator Guide

This is how you administer the InstaPrinta: Administrator Guide

Developer Guide

Get information about the InstaPrintas developer resources: InstaPrinta for JIRA - Template Creation Guide 2.1.0,  Developer Guide

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