The InstaPrinta can print tickets or print as PDF. It can be printed both in Issue view and in the Issue Navigator.

  • When clicking the "InstaPrint" button, the context menu will open
  • When clicking "Print" it will print
    • When printing more than 3 issues, a confirmation is required
  • A click on "Save as PDF" will save the issue as a PDF file.
  • In the template you have the option to change the layout of the ticket. The global or project specific template are defaults


Custom Templates

Verfügbare FelderNicht verfügbare Felder
  • ___ip.key___
  • ___ip.summary___
  • ___ip.description___
  • ___ip.issuetype___
  • ___ip.reporter___
  • ___ip.assignee___
  • ___ip.created___
  • ___ip.updated___
  • ___ip.duedate___
  • ___ip.labels___
  • ___ip.priority___
  • ___ip.status___
  • ___ip.parent___
  • ___ip.timeestimate___
  • ___ip.fixVersions___
  • ___ip.url___
  • ___ip.storypoints___
  • ___ip.estimate___
  • ___ip.rank___
  • ___ip.epiclink___
  • ___ip.qrcodeimage___
  • ___ip.storypointsColor___
  • ___ip.storypointsValue___
  • ___ip.sprint___
  • ___ip.progress___
  • ___ip.progress.total___
  • ___ip.votes___
  • ___ip.resolution___
  • ___ip.resolutiondate___
  • ___ip.timespent___
  • ___ip.creator___
  • ___ip.creator.displayName___
  • ___ip.reporter.displayName___
  • ___ip.assignee.displayName___
  • ___ip.subtasks___
  • ___ip.project___
  • ___ip.versions___
  • ___ip.components___

This template is for testing and has all available fileds: InstaPrinta for JIRA - Release 1.3.0

CustomFields will be available soon.


Global configuration under Administration > AddOns > InstaPrinta Config  click on the top right.

You can also download, edit and upload templates.



Print Template

Default selection when printing a ticket

Available TemplatesConfigure the available templates for printing (Only Administrators)
Enable PrintingChoose when printing is desired. Take out check mark to export as *.pdf.
Printer URLAddress of a PostScript printer, that can be addressed via IPP. The server needs to be accessible from the JIRA server (Firewall)
Printable GroupsUser groups that have the right to print. All others only export as *.pdf.


Project specific

The global settings will be used by default. This can also be adjusted explicitly by unselecting the check mark at "Use Project Configuration".
Otherwise, the same options as in global Config, except the option "Available Templates".

Printer requirements

  • Network printer
  • Needs to be accessible from JIRA from port 631 (firewall)
  • Needs to understand IPP
  • Needs to be able to print Postscript

Support for the InstaPrinta JIRA add on

Send us an email to We'll answer you shortly.

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