What is InstaPrinta?

The InstaPrinta is a JIRA plugin by //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH for printing JIRA issues directly in a practical card format (DIN A6).

Single or several issues can be sent directly to a compatible printer or saved as .pdf.

The issue view is expanded by one menu item, which offers the choice to print or create a .pdf when clicked.

In addition to printing individual issues and all the results of an issue search, InstaPrinta offers a complete integration in JIRA Agile in the current version 2. In addition, the printing of a complete backlog, sprint or task columns of an agile board is possible.

What do I use InstaPrinta for?

InstaPrinta can be used wherever practical cards play a role in editing JIRA issues.

The plugin is helpful for teams, who use Scrum or Kanban with an analog task board.

The functions can also be used every day outside of agile processes. Colleagues can be reminded of issues via note cards.

What functions does InstaPrinta offer?

  • Print issues directly from JIRA in handy card format
  • Download cards as .pdf without printing
  • Various templates, no configuration necessary, for immediate use on paper boards in Scrum or Kanban
  • A template user interface to use user defined templates under
    • Support of XSL-FO for creation of own templates and
    • Support of space holders in print templates for many standard issue fields and any user defined fields
  • Detailed admin area for configuration of print function in the complete JIRA instance:
    • Turn direct printing on/off
    • Group permissions for direct printing
    • Definition of a standard template for printing and .pdf creation
  • Possibility of project specific configuration of
    • Availability of direct printing
    • An individual printer
    • Group permissions for direct printing
    • Selection of compatible templates and
    • Individual pre selected standard template

What is new in version 2.0?

  • Integration of JIRA Agile to print sprints, backlogs and columns in planning and work view
  • Printing of QuickCards (issue independent card, completed by user directly before printing)
  • Usability of user defined fields in templates
  • Template management for uploading, editing, downloading and deleting of InstaPrinta templates


Individual or various issues can be printed.

Menu in the issue view for printing individual issues.

Printing various issues from a menu in issue search in planning and work view in JIRA Agile.

Individual issues in issue view

An individual issue can be printed from the issue view.

Various issues from issue search

In the issue search, either (a) all issues in the search results or (b) individual issues can be printed. Multi selection is also possible: Select the issues to be printed by pressing the "control" key and left click, then right click on a previously selected issue to open the context menu. Select "show in issue navigator" in the menu. Now the issues are listed in the issue navigator and can thus be printed.

If various issues are ready to be printed, confirmation is required, to avoid unintentional printing of many issues. You can print a maximum of 250 issues per print job.

Issues from JIRA Agile boards

The InstaPrinta is completely integrated in all lists of issues in JIRA Agile.

Planning view (BOARD)

In the planning view, all issues of a sprint or the complete backlog can be printed.

Work view

In the work view in JIRA Agile, all issues of a column can be printed.

All issues of a sprint can be printed via the sprint detail dropdown.

Technical requirements for direct printing

The following requirements have to be met for direct printing on a printer:

  • A network compatible printer or printer server (spooler) with an individual URL to enter print requests to the printer queue
  • Availability of the printer or printer server for the JIRA instance within IT infrastructure
  • Printer or printer server must support IPP and Postscript print

PDF Creation

Instead of directly printing issues, it is also possible to create .pdf docs, which are then saved in the data system and can be used otherwise.


If you want to quickly print a card without direct connection to a JIRA issue, and would like to use a template, InstaPrinta QuickCards are the way.

The dialogue to printing a QuickCard can be opened via a menu entry in the user option menu at the top right in JIRA.

Within a dialogue, the following elements need to be entered: key, summary, description, and selection of a template.

The completed template can be printed or saved as .pdf.

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