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REST API 1.0 Documentation

The InstaPrinta offers a REST interface. It's opportunities are documented below.

The REST-API-Base-URL of the InstaPrinta REST API is the following: http://<JIRA-Basis-URL>/rest/instaprinta/1.0

The REST service requires Basic Authentication, in order to send an request to Service.

Printing a QuickCard

The REST Service offers a method for printing QuickCards.

QuickCard REST URL
GET http://<JIRA-Base-URL>/rest/instaprinta/1.0/instaprinta/quickcard

Data for the QuickCard are sent along as URL parameter. The following parameter can be defined:

keyissue key
summarytitle of the issue
descriptiondescription of the issue

As an example, the URL of the request could be the following:

GET http://localhost/jira/rest/instaprinta/1.0/instaprinta/quickcard?key=DEMO-1&summary=This is the title&description=This is the content of the issue



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