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  • JIRA version 6.4.6 and higher


The JIRA plugin "ICS - Issue Calendar Sync for JIRA" allows synching due dates of issues with a calendar client via a calendar subscription. The due date will be entered in the calendar as an all day event. Calendar events are updated with JIRA data with every calendar update. All calendar clients that are compatible with ICS format are supported. Generally all calendar clients understand this format (Outlook, OS X Calendar, Thunderbird Lightning, etc.).

If and when JIRA is available over the internet, the calendar subscription can be added to a smartphone and synched on the go.

Issues to be displayed in the calendar are searched via JQL in JIRA issue search. If the issue doesn't have a due date, it won't be displayed in the calendar. By clicking "ICS Link", a URL for the calendar subscription can be generated. It can then be entered in the calendar client as a calendar subscription.  

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