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Linchpin Events uses either images uploaded by users or images from a royalty-free database like

Integrate images

Click on the Search button in the event creation wizard. Type in the word you are looking for and click Search. Select an image that fits. Once you select an image, it is cropped automatically and applied to your event.

Tip #1

The image search reflects your event's name. If your event is named "Christmas party", the search will display fitting images. Use the search bar below the images to refine your search (for example when you don't want to see any Christmas themed images, but only images of Santa Clause).

Tip #2

The images you see are not as perfect as they could be? Click the arrow button next to the search bar. New images will load. Repeat until you find the perfect image for your event.

Upload your own image

You can upload your own cover image for your event.

In the event creation wizard, click on Upload. Select the file you wish to upload. The image will load. 

Now, crop the image. Select the image section you want to be displayed as the event image. Click on the Apply button.


You can reposition the cropping tool anytime. Click on Apply again to apply the new image section as a cover image.

Make sure your image is at least 450 x 170 px

Set event image format

You can choose whether your event image should be displayed in the header area of the event card only (image on top) or fill the whole background (background image). Simply switch the toggle that sits below image editing tools to set your preferred image format:

Your selected image format will be reflected in the live preview to give you a better idea of how your final event will look like for your colleagues.

It is not possible to change image format when editing an event at a later time. You will need to re-upload the event image from your computer or re-select it by searching an image database that's connected to your intranet (e.g.,

Activate the functionality

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Events > Configuration > Event images.

Click on the slider next to "". A window with a disclaimer will open.

Read the disclaimer and activate both checkboxes. Then, click on the OK button.


The activation of the image database integration requires the agreement to the terms of use of the respective image database as well as access to the public internet on this Confluence instance.

This feature needs to be activated by the Confluence administration. It is an optional feature that is activated voluntarily.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA can't guarantee that every image uploaded to is actually royalty-free. //SEIBERT/MEDIA can't and won't take any responsibility for possible copyright infringements made by the customer. If a third party tries to assert claims to compensate for damages to //SEIBERT/MEDIA, the customer is obligated to pay for any costs that result from those claims.

Make sure to read and understand the terms of use before the activation of this function.

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This page was last edited on 10/13/2022.