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What makes Linchpin User Profiles so special?

Standard Confluence can display only very little user data. With the Linchpin User Profiles app, profiles are easily extended with categories and any number of profile fields.

Such rich user profiles are much more useful than the standard Confluence profiles. They weave a story and leave a better impression of each user.

Our revamp of user profiles opens new possibilities within Confluence. Language and location information can be used to automatically serve appropriate content. Information about the user's skills can support an expert-search. And so on.

Any information can be integrated into a user profile now - even private interests and hobbies - to build a better employee network within Confluence.

Profile sections for each user group 

Do you want different user groups to have different profile fields? Our Linchpin User Profiles app offers this functionality. You can limit profile sections to specific user groups.

The users will be able to edit only the sections which are enabled for the groups they belong to. When there are no limitations by user groups set, all users will see all sections and profile fields inside their profiles. 

Follow the link to view how to configure profile groups in general. And in the following documentation you can learn how to create restricted profile sections.

Edit profile

In the top right corner of your profile page you will find an Edit profile button. Click on the button to change your profile data.

The language setting that can be changed in your profile is valid system-wide. This means that changes done here are automatically transferred to the Confluence standard "Settings" tab and vice versa.

Only fields that can be edited by the user will be shown in the editor.

Furthermore, profile information that is filled automatically from other system sources can not be edited.

Want to know how to upload a profile picture? Check out profile pictures!

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.